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Best Dog Movies of All Times – Netflix & Amazon Prime Movies with Dogs

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Top Rated Animal Movies – Family, Drama & Comedy Dog Movies

What is it about watching a loveable, scrappy pup going on a big adventure that makes one feel so inspired? Or a loyal doggy sidekick braving the storm to save their beloved human that brings so much emotion?

Maybe it’s the overall cuteness and innocence of the dogs on the screen that heighten the intensity of their situation, or maybe it’s picturing your pup in their place going through the same trials and tribulations. 

No matter the reason, everyoneloves a good dog movie! Some of the best movies of all time are about dogs, and with the help of services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, many are available right at our paw-tips.

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So, curl up, grab some treats (and maybe some tissues), and check out some of the best dog and animal movies to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime now!

Best Movies About Dogs on Netflix

White Fang (2018)

This animated adaption of the classic novel, White Fang, follows the life of a wolfdog during the Yukon Gold Rush and his transformation from wild animal to loyal companion and friend. This is a movie for the whole pack to enjoy, including the pups!

Benji (2018)

Many grew up following along in the TV and cinematic adventures of Benji, a scrappy yet lovable rescue dog that has a habit of becoming the rescuer. This 2018 Netflix version shares a close plot to the original from 1974 in which Benji forms a close bond with a brother and sister duo, only for them to be kidnapped by robbers. Can Benji save the kids and heal their broken family? You will have to watch to find out!

Seventeen (2019)

Heartwarming and funny, this Spanish film (Diecisiete) details the story of a 17-year-old juvenile who forms a deep bond with a therapy dog while in rehabilitation. When the dog is promptly adopted, Hector, joined by his brother and grandmother, escapes his detention center and embarks on a moving journey to find his beloved pal. With a Fresh Rating of 82% on Rotten Tomatoes, this movie is a mutt see!

All Dogs go to Heaven (1989)

There is always room for a classic, and with a completely off-the-wall plot that could only come from the 80s, All Dogs go to Heaven is a classic indeed. Charlie, a German Shepherd with some shady gambling habits, is double-crossed by his Pitbull casino partner and finds himself at Heaven’s gates. Now an angel, Charlie sneaks out of Heaven and back to earth for revenge, but instead becomes friends with a young orphan girl that coincidentally, can speak to animals!

To Be of Service (2019)

To Be of Service is a documentary that features real dogs doing real and life-changing work. Witness first hand as war veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder find solace and friendship in service dogs. By helping former military members adjust to society and start a much-needed healing process, these hard-working pups are sure to play tug of war with your heartstrings.

Bolt (2008)

Bolt is a German Shephard action hero that uses superpowers to fight off enemies with his best friend, a human girl named Penny. Or at least, that’s what he plays as a canine actor on a popular sci-fi TV show. The only problem is, Bolt is unaware that he is on a TV set. And when he has to find his way back home after accidentally being shipped across the country, he quickly realizes that his fictional powers are just that – fictional.

Dogs (2018)

While not technically a movie, this documentary series gives you six unique stories that focus on extraordinary dogs and the people that care for them. Each episode is 50 minutes or longer in duration, which means plenty of feel-good puppy content to indulge in. Not to mention, season two is coming soon!

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Best Movies About Dogs on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Video has one of the biggest selection of pet and animal movies, with nearly 6,000 dog related movie titles. We listed the top rated recommandations below or you can sign up for a 30 days free Prime Video trial to browse more and get your daily fix of pup TV.

Dogs with Jobs

There is so much more to a dog than a lovable pet. Many are contributing to society by serving as essential members of our everyday workforce. This documentary shines a light on the essential roles and responsibilities of working dogs around the world.

And who knows, watching this with your pup might inspire them to go out and get a job! Although the happiness they bring to your home is contribution enough.

(While this is also not technically a movie, the individual stories allow you to watch as little or as much as you’d like without making a series-long commitment.)

Where the Red Fern Grows (1974)

An instant classic from the start, Where the Red Fern Grows is as heartbreaking as it is heartwarming! A young boy’s family has fallen on hard times during an economic depression, making his dream to own two Redbone Hound dogs seem like an impossible achievement. The movie follows his adventures and encapsulates every family value and life lesson one can desire in a film. You can feel good watching this choice with your kids – both human and furry ones!

Prison Dogs (2016)

What happens when you allow seemingly hardened criminals the opportunity to raise and train puppies in prison? This documentary answers that question by observing three New York Incarcerated inmates face their pasts and find self-worth through the process of teaching puppies to be service dogs for injured veterans. A truly inspiring film about second chances and the unconditional love that dogs can provide!

TIP: Some foul language and mature subject matter make this a movie best enjoyed when young pups and kiddos won’t be joining!

Red Dog (2011)

Based on real events, Red Dog features the legendary tale of a dog’s journey searching for his owner. Along the way, he meets communities of people who come to know him as Red Dog. What starts as a mission to find what he has lost, turns into something much more when this adorable pup unexpectedly begins helping those in his path find what they have lost in themselves.

The real Red Dog lived in the Pilbara region of Australia and traveled the Outback from 1971-1979. He was so beloved in the community, that a statue was erected in his honor and serves as a monument to those who considered him a friend.

Smitty (2015)

When a 13-year-old boy repeatedly finds himself at the heart of trouble, he is sent to spend the summer on his grandfather’s farm. There he meets Smitty, an adorable pup whose friendship helps teach him a valuable lesson about responsibility and the importance of family. Many parents agree that this movie creates several teachable moments for their kids. And as for the acting, the leading dog in this film deserves a treat for outstanding performance!

Fluke (1995)

On its surface, Fluke looks like any other typical dog movie about an adorable puppy that makes a significant impact on a family. But upon closer inspection, one will find that this movie introduces profound themes of loss, grief, family turmoil, and self-acceptance in a completely unexpected way. Thomas, a man who values work over family, is shocked to find himself reincarnated as a dog after dying in a car accident. He returns to the family he previously neglected and attempts to make amends in his new form.

Show Dogs (2018)

A fun movie for all ages, Show Dogs takes you undercover with a detective and his loyal canine partner as they attempt to solve a crime at the most exclusive dog show of the year. With help from other dog show participants, this pawsatively dynamic duo may just break the case! Overall this a lighthearted and comedic option that will have you wishing your dog could solve crimes.

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Best Dog Movies of All Time

While these highly regarded and classic dog movies are not readily available for streaming on Netflix or Amazon Prime, dog lovers will find that they are worth the search!

The Call of The Wild (2020)

While a newer dog movie, The Call of the Wild is one of many cinematic adaptions of the classic Jack London novel. The story follows Buck, a domesticated dog with a little too much energy, as he is suddenly taken from his pampered life and transferred to the heart of the Alaskan Yukon. From there, Buck finds one adventure after another, each one leading him closer to his true destiny.

Shiloh (1997)

This movie will bring tears to your eyes in a way only a sad-eyed beagle can do. Abused and neglected by his owner, Shiloh escapes from home and crosses paths with Marty, a young boy from an impoverished family who takes Shiloh under his care. Trouble ensues when the runaway pup’s owner comes looking, causing Shiloh to dash once again, but this time with Marty at his side. Trials and tribulations faced by a boy and his dog whose emotional bond helps them rescue each other – a classic story that never gets old.

Lassie (1994)

A pretty good indication of a story being a true classic might be when an entire breed takes on the name of its leading lady. In this 1994 addition to the Lassie saga, the famous Collie helps a boy adapt to his new home after his family uproots their life in the city and moves to a small, rural town in Virginia. Not to mention appearances from wild animals and raging river waters that require a few rescue missions in true Lassie fashion.

Lady and the Tramp (1955 & 2019)

A story for both dog lovers and hopeless romantics alike, Lady and the Tramp has and continues to capture the hearts of many. Adored by her owners, a Cocker Spaniel named Lady lives a happy and pampered life. That is until a new baby comes along and Lady realizes she is no longer the center of attention. Events occur that cause Lady to run away and come face to face with a street dog known as the Tramp. This results in a romantic night on the town that gives us the iconic spaghetti dinner scene we all know and love and has set the standard for first dates everywhere!

And what better choice for a Disney liv- action remake than Lady and the Tramp to kick-off their new streaming service. The 2019 version was filmed with a full cast of adoptable rescues, bringing it to a whole new level of heartwarming (if that were even possible)!

Beethoven (1992)

This slobbery St. Bernard is another example of a dog that has gone on many cinematic adventures! And with a name like Beethoven, the sequels name themselves. Fans are first introduced to the beloved dog as a young puppy that escapes the hands of dognappers and hides in a nearby house. The resident family decides to keep the dog, naming him Beethoven after he shows an affinity for classical music. But the life that Beethoven left behind has now come back to haunt him and forces him into making another brave escape, but this time it is to get back to the family he has grown to love.

Frankenweenie (2012)

Frankenweenie is a unique and heartwarming tale that only director Tim Burton could do justice. It is your typical boy and his dog story, but with a little extra…spark. When a young scientist named Victor tragically parts with his pup Sparky, he is determined to put his knowledge to the test and bring his beloved friend back to life. Parallel to the Frankenstein story, you can probably predict that things do not go well for Victor once he succeeds. Bringing anything back from the dead, even a sweet and loveable dog is never a good idea.

101 Dalmatians (1961)

Another iconic Disney movie with an even more iconic villain, 101 Dalmatians details the rescue mission of 15 Dalmatian stolen from their home in the middle of the night. Cruella De Vil, a dog thief as fabulous as she is cruel, has managed to collect a total of 101 adorable spotted puppies with plans to turn them into a grand fur coat.  When the police are unable to offer up any leads, a network of dogs decides to take matters into their own paws.

The Great Alaskan Race (2019)

Who doesn’t love an inspirational underdog story? Especially one that is about an actual dog! Togo is the true story of a man and his lead sled dog braving the harsh winters for a courageous yet treacherous journey. Set in 1920s Alaska, this new yet instant classic will have you on the edge of your sled and rooting for Togo!

Isle of Dogs (2018)

While the style of stop-motion-animation found in this movie may be an acquired taste for some, the story itself has all the elements of a harrowing tale that is beautifully depicted through the surprisingly loveable characters. A sudden outbreak of canine flu causes the Japanese government to exile all dogs to an island for quarantine. When a boy shows up on the island looking for his beloved dog, Spots, a scrappy but loyal pack of dogs join him on his journey. His quest quickly becomes a media sensation that leads to the possible exposure of a certain-cat related government conspiracy.

TIP: While this is an animated movie, that does not mean it is great for kids. Isle of Dogs is rated PG-13 for some violent images.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)

A remake of the 1963 film The Incredible Journey, Homeward Bounds takes you on a journey with two dogs and a house cat in search of their family whom they believe has abandoned them. When their father lands a temporary job in the city, a family must move far away for the duration of his assignment. They made the hard but responsible decision to leave their three pets with a trustworthy family friend. Not understanding the circumstances, the trio assumes the worst and thus embarks on a harrowing and sometimes fun adventure. The dynamic of two dogs and a cat only ever introduced to domestic life now trekking through mountains is what makes this movie so enjoyable! 

Old Yeller (1957)

As the oldest dog movie listed and a 100% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, it is true what they say: You can’t beat the classics.” Old Yeller paved the way for loveable strays everywhere to work their way onto the big screen and into the hearts of many. A 15-year-old boy named Tommy is briefly put in charge of his family’s farm when he is introduced to a yellow lab brought home by his younger brother. Annoyed at first with the dog’s presence, Tommy quickly changes tune and forms a deep relationship with the stray, as does the whole family.

Old Yeller is nothing short of a moving and emotional dog story that, along with many other movies on this list, will have your dog wondering why you are hugging them while crying.

What’s your favourite pet movie? Comment below and vote for your favourite dog movie of all time!


Best Dog Movies of All Times – Netflix & Amazon Prime Movies with Dogs

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  1. Dogs: Man s best friend, movie s most endangered hero. Seriously, how many times have we gone into a dog movie hoping we didn t just get suckered into another one where the dog dies in the end? But some of those movies make up the classics. And some of those movies where the dog lives happily after ever, with a nice house and a bowl of kibble and a robust 4, are also classics. And some dog movies ain t so classic, but people love em anyways, so we re including those, and all the other good boys and girls of canine cinema for our guide to the 80 Best Dog Movies.

  2. So glad Lassie is on there and the Bethoven movies! Loved them as a kid, and now I get to watch them with my kids too.

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