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Best Muzzles For Dobermans – Safe & Comfortable Muzzles For Large Dog Breeds

best doberman muzzle for large dogs

Doberman Muzzle Training And The Best Muzzles For Dogs Reviewed

Highly intelligent, fearless, and loyal, Dobermans make amazing guardians and formidable protection dogs but they sometimes require to be muzzle trained. That’s why we reviewed the best muzzles for Dobermans!

Powerful and athletically built, Doberman Pinschers have a regal appearance and are one of the most popular dog breeds. A properly trained and socialized Doberman is a gentle, watchful, and loving companion that is extremely protective of its family. However, their large size and fierce reputation make Dobermans intimidating and scary to those that don’t know them.

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Even if you know that your Dobie wouldn’t hurt a fly, there are certain situations when wearing a muzzle can be a safety precaution or a necessity. Besides increasing the safety of people and other dogs, the best muzzles for Dobermans can also help with destructive chewing and prevent your pup from eating things from the ground.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best muzzles for Dobermans and what makes them great. Keep on reading to find the perfect muzzle for your Dobie!

Our Quick Favourite Doberman Muzzles


- Tough, durable, and soft to touch
- Dog can pant, drink and eat treats
- Comfy for long periods of time
- Quick wash

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- Safe and secure
- Allows for good air circulation
- Easy to clean and maintain
- Durable and long-lasting
- Fits most large dog breeds with a long snout

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- Made out of genuine leather
- Perfect for strong jaws
- Does not connect to the collar
- It's harder to clean, and you must do so regularly

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- Breathable with hollowed-out design
- Suitable for dogs with long snout
- Allows for panting
- Comfortable to wear for long periods of time if needed

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When Do You Need A Dog Muzzle?

Most owners are reluctant to muzzle their Dobermans, thinking that wearing a muzzle makes their dogs appear dangerous. However, a muzzle can be a useful tool that will help people feel comfortable around your dog and show them that you’re thinking about their safety.

Please note, while a muzzle is definitely useful in certain situations, it isn’t a permanent solution. Training your Doberman using positive reinforcement techniques is the best way to address and curb any problem behaviors. 

Here are a few reasons why your Doberman may need a muzzle:

  • Anxiety: Some Dobermans can become anxious when dealing with unfamiliar people or when they are in strange situations. An anxious or scared dog may exhibit aggressive behaviors such as growling, snapping, or biting. In these situations, a muzzle can prevent the worst-case scenario and stop your Dobie from biting.
  • Visits to The Vet: Most dogs hate being poked and probed while they are in pain, and may lash out and try to bite a vet or even their owners during an exam. There’s no way of knowing how your Doberman will react while in pain, so it’s best that you use a muzzle for all visits to the vet. 
  • To Stop Your Dog from Eating Things from The Ground: If your Doberman likes to scavenge and pick things from the ground, a muzzle can be a fast solution – especially for puppies. However, while wearing a muzzle will prevent your dog from eating trash, this isn’t a permanent solution, and you’ll need to teach your pup the “leave it” command
  • History of Aggression: If your Doberman has a history of aggression towards people or other dogs, a muzzle is a must. This doesn’t mean that your dog will need to wear a muzzle forever, but you should keep them muzzled until you have their aggressive behavior under control. If you don’t know how to deal with aggressive dogs, consult a certified behavioral specialist or a licensed dog trainer. 
  • Leash or Dog Reactivity: While your dobbie might be the biggest softie for you and your family, in some cases, dogs develop a leash reactivity or they are unfriendly towards other dogs. It is your responsibility, as a dog owner, to avoid situations where you push your dog to react, knowing their history or predisposition.
  • When Dealing With A Rescue Dog: Rescue Dobbies can make wonderful additions to the family, but in cases where their history is unknown and you simply can’t tell if they are triggered by cats, kids or other dogs, it’s best to muzzle them until they are fully assessed in those situations. 

Muzzling your dog is something that a responsible dog owner has to do sometimes, and it doesn’t mean that your dog is “bad”. We believe that Dobermans are incredibly smart and kind creatures, and we want to eliminate the negative stigma around the breed and around wearing muzzles. 

According to a dog trainer, inside a Domberman’s online forum, dogs are not meant to wear the muzzles forever, just initially until their trainers and owners can get to know them better. They continued to say that “Once I know they are safe or what situations they are not comfortable in, then I can remove the muzzle. It’s used as a tool and precaution. I don’t see why people see muzzles as a bad thing. It helps me rehabilitate dogs who would otherwise be put to sleep. It’s just a tool like a crate, collar or leash.” (source)

Best Muzzles For Dobermans Reviewed

Whether you are looking for a muzzle that will prevent your Doberman from picking up garbage from the street, or for bite prevention during vet visits, we got you covered! Below, you will find in-depth reviews of the five best muzzles for Dobermans for every occasion. 

1. BronzeDog Wire Basket Dog Muzzle – Best Wire Cage Doberman Muzzle

The BronzeDog Wire Basket Dog Muzzle is specially made for Dobermans and will fit your dog’s snout perfectly. Featuring a wire cage design, this Doberman dog muzzle has excellent ventilation and allows unrestricted nose licking.

Key Features:

  • Made from durable lightweight steel 
  • Has four adjustable straps
  • Soft padding

Made to follow the shape of Doberman’s snout, this wire basket muzzle is made out of lightweight steel that’s not cumbersome to wear. This muzzle also has soft padding that prevents the wire from chafing your dog’s snout, thus ensuring ultimate comfort. 

The four leather straps can be adjusted for a perfect and comfortable fit and will prevent your Dobie from taking the muzzle off. Thanks to its basket design, this muzzle allows your pooch to breathe, pant, and lick its nose while keeping the people around safe. 

2. KITAINE Dog Muzzle – Best Soft Muzzle for Dogs

If you’re looking for soft muzzles for large breed dogs, check out the KITAINE Dog Muzzle. Lightweight and fully adjustable, this muzzle has large holes that allow your Dobie to pant, drink water, and even eat treats freely. 

Key Features:

  • Made from durable and soft rubber material
  • Adjustable nylon straps
  • Quick-release buckle

Thanks to its innovative design, this soft dog muzzle effectively prevents barking, biting, and chewing, while allowing your dog to breathe and drink water freely. The anti-escape strap, prevents dogs from taking the muzzle off with a paw, thus keeping the people around your dog safe. 

Lightweight, durable, and comfortable to wear, the KITAINE muzzle provides all-around protection indoors and outdoors.

3. CollarDirect Dog Muzzle – Best Dog Leather Muzzle

Made from genuine soft leather the CollarDirect Dog muzzle is the best dog leather muzzle for Dobermans. Leather muzzles are preferred by Dobbie owners because they are light, comfortable, functional, and have some give to them yet still prevent biting.

To find the perfect fit for your Dobie, measure the circumference and length of your pup’s snout before purchasing the muzzle.

Key Features:

  • Has two adjustable straps
  • Great ventilation
  • Comes in four colors

Handmade out of genuine leather and metal rivets, this muzzle is made to last, even if used often. Like other safe muzzles for dogs, this one also provides ample ventilation and ensures that your Doberman can breathe properly. 

This collar has a typical two-strap system with adjustable straps that allow you to fit the muzzle safely and comfortably around your dog’s snout. Use this secure and comfortable muzzle when taking your Doberman to a vet or a groomer and to prevent biting and chewing.   

4. Barkless Muzzle for Dogs – Best Silicone Basket Muzzle

Made from durable and flexible silicone, the Barkless Muzzle for Dogs offers all-around protection, preventing your Doberman from biting or eating garbage. This muzzle comes in six different sizes, so make sure to measure your dog’s snout properly to find the right size for them. 

Key Features:

  • Comes with a collar loop
  • Reflective strips
  • Forehead & behind the eat straps

Designed to be tough and durable, but at the same time soft and comfortable for your dog’s skin, this muzzle allows your dog to breathe, pant, and eat treats. The behind the ear and forehead strapping ensures that the muzzle will always stay in place. 

This model also features a security loop that attaches to the regular collar, making it impossible for your dog to take the muzzle off, no matter how hard they try. 

5. Baskerville Ultra Muzzle – Dog Muzzle That Allows Drinking & Panting

The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is one of the best muzzles for large breed dogs and gives all-around mouth protection without restricting airflow. The rubber basket design allows dogs to pant, eat, and drink water while preventing biting and garbage eating. 

Key Features:

  • Fully adjustable neck and head straps
  • Comes with a collar loop attachment
  • Padded lining for extra comfort

Flexible but sturdy, this muzzle is gentle on your dog’s skin and comfortable to wear, without being easily destroyed by your dog. Like all other best muzzles for Dobermans, this muzzle also has two straps and an additional collar loop that will keep it firmly in place and prevent your pooch from taking it off. 

This muzzle comes in six different sizes, so measure your Doberman’s snout carefully to determine the right size for them.

FAQs About Doberman Dog Muzzle

How Long Can You Leave A Muzzle On A Dog?

Despite common beliefs, dog muzzles aren’t only used for aggressive dogs and can be beneficial in many different situations. Ultimately, how long should a dog wear a muzzle largely depends on the type of muzzle and the unique situation. 

Your dog should wear a muzzle for a short period of time and only when the muzzle is needed! If you’re in public transport or a place where your pooch must be muzzled don’t stay there for more than an hour, and make sure that your dog can breathe, pant, and drink water while wearing a muzzle. 

How Do You Get Your Doberman Used To A Muzzle?

Wearing a muzzle won’t be an unpleasant or scary experience if you start muzzle training your dog from a young age. Know that the longer you wait to start with Doberman muzzle training, the more time and patience it will take to teach your pooch to get used to a muzzle.

When training your Dobie to wear a muzzle start by allowing your pup to sniff the muzzle and rewarding them with a treat. When your dog is comfortable with sniffing, touch their snout with a muzzle and offer treats as rewards. 

Once your Doberman is used to being touched with a muzzle, put it over their nose and reward with a treat while the muzzle is on. Now that your pup knows how it feels to wear a muzzle, you should snap the straps and give them a treat before taking the muzzle off.

When your Doberman knows what it’s like to wear a muzzle, slowly extend the amount of time they are wearing the muzzle, rewarding them after every session. Using positive reinforcement techniques is the best way to get your Doberman used to wear a muzzle in any situation. 

Will A Muzzle Prevent My Dog From Biting?

Wearing a muzzle can prevent your dog from biting, but it doesn’t completely eliminate the risk since the muzzle can sometimes come off in a dogfight. Therefore, you must remain vigilant even if your dog is wearing a muzzle and try to avoid situations that can provoke an attack. 

A muzzle is an extremely helpful and efficient tool that can keep other dogs and people safe while you’re working on improving your Doberman’s social skills and managing their aggression.  

Can A Dog Eat And Drink Through A Muzzle?

Dog muzzles are primarily designed to prevent a dog from biting, but some will prohibit your dog from eating, drinking, and panting. These types of muzzles are best avoided if your dog needs to wear them regularly or for more than a few minutes at a time. 

On the other hand, the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle will allow your dog to eat and drink freely without any trouble. And thanks to its special design, this muzzle provides ample airflow and allows your dog to breathe and pant properly. 

Will A Muzzle Prevent A Doberman From Eating Things Found On The Ground? 

A muzzle can be a useful tool that will prevent your Doberman from eating things on the ground, while you’re training them to “leave it”. Wearing any type of muzzle will hamper your dog’s scavenging attempts and stop them from eating something harmful. 

However, don’t think of a muzzle as a permanent solution and use it only until you teach your Dobie to leave things on command. 


Originally bred and used as guard dogs, Doberman Pinschers are very protective of their families and property. A properly trained and socialized Doberman isn’t any more dangerous than any other dog, but people may feel safer around your Dobie if they are wearing a muzzle.

When choosing the best muzzle for a Doberman, make sure that your dog can breathe, pant, and drink water freely while wearing a muzzle. 

In the end, any one of the five muzzles reviewed above will be a good fit for Dobermans, and increase the safety of everyone that comes into contact with your dog. 

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