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Best Treats For French Bulldogs – Top Dog Treats For Training Bulldogs

What are some good treats for Bulldogs?

French Bulldogs are excellent companions, and owning one is a highly rewarding experience. However, Frenchies can be stubborn, and training a willful pooch will require a lot of patience and effort on your part. Luckily, with the right incentive in the form of the best treats for French Bulldogs, even the most determined pooch will cave in and start learning tricks!

With the right high-value treats and patience, you can easily train your Frenchie to obey commands or even do tricks! The problem is finding a high-quality treat that will keep your Frenchie motivated in training without triggering allergies or causing weight gain.

In this article, I’ll share with you the four best treats for French Bulldogs that will actually get your pooch interested in training without making him itch!

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French Bulldog Training Info

Training is an important aspect of every dog’s life, and there are many reasons why you should start training your French Bulldog from a young age. Besides supporting good behavior, training will keep your Frenchie mentally and physically stimulated.

However, while essential, training your Frenchie won’t be a simple walk in the park! French Bulldogs tend to be stubborn, so training one will require a lot of patience and consistency on your part.

While headstrong, Frenchies are very intelligent and can learn things quickly if properly motivated. Luckily for you, French Bulldogs love to eat and will do just about anything to get their paws on a tasty treat. So why not use that to your advantage?

High-value treats are a great way to get your Frenchie motivated and interested in obedience training. Keep in mind that your pooch will be more excited to train if he is hungry, so squeeze a quick training session before mealtime.

To reinforce good behavior, start training your French Bulldog as soon as you bring him home! This way, your puppy will quickly learn the difference between wanted and unwanted behavior and will grow up into a well-behaved and obedient dog.

Best Training Treats For French Bulldogs

Best Training Treats For French Bulldogs

Whether you are looking for a tasty treat to reward your Frenchie once in a while or you need high-value training treats, I’ve got you covered! Take a look at the in-depth reviews of the best dog treats for French Bulldogs to find the perfect reward for your pooch!

1. Best Training Treats For Bulldogs

Perfectly sized and delicious, the Zuke’s Treats are the best treats for dog training and will get your Frenchie motivated to learn. Made without wheat, soy, corn, artificial colors, and flavors these all-stages treats can also be used for training French Bulldog puppies.

Key Features:

  • Semi-moist texture
  • Only two calories per treat
  • Small size

Made from high-quality and natural ingredients these treats are ideal for Frenchies who have allergies and stomach sensitivities. The semi-moist texture and small size make them ideal for training since you’ll be able to do more repetitions in less time.

Best of all, Zuke’s Training Treats come in several flavors so you can choose the one that will entice and motivate your Frenchie to train and learn. And with only two calories per treat, there is no risk of obesity if your Frenchie eats 10 treats at one sitting.

2. Best Raw Treats For Frenchies

These Freeze-Dried Chicken Liver Treats are an excellent option if you are looking for commercial raw training treats for a French Bulldog. Highly nutritious, completely natural, and extremely delicious, they can be used for training or as healthy snacks.

Key Features:

  • 100% natural
  • Bite-sized
  • Grain and gluten-free

These best dog treats are made using human-grade chicken liver and are fully digestible and won’t trigger any allergies in your Frenchie. Since they are bite-sized, you can use them for obedience training or on the walks to teach your Frenchie to heel and stop pulling on the leash.

Naturally full of vitamins and minerals they are also the best treats for French Bulldog puppies. As such, these treats can get your pup motivated in training from a young age.

Here are a few raw treats for bulldogs that you should try:

3. Best Treats For French Bulldogs With Gas/Sensitive Stomachs

If you are looking for the best dog treats for sensitive stomachs, look no further than these vet-formulated organic dog treats by Cloud Star. Made with the finest human-grade ingredients these treats taste amazing and won’t make your Frenchie gassy or bloated.

Key Features:

  • 3 calories per treat
  • Complete and balanced
  • Grain-free: No wheat, corn, dairy or soy
  • No artificial colors or flavors

Made with chicken liver, these sausage bites treats are a true lifesaver for French Bulldogs with food allergies and sensitive stomachs. Not only do they taste great, but will encourage your Frenchie to train and, at the same time, soothe his tummy.

These high-value treats have 3 calories each, so you should use them for tricks or more complex obedience commands. Alternately, you can break one treat into several smaller pieces and do more repetitions in less time.

4. Best Dog Chew Treats To Keep Them Busy

Raw & Natural Chew Treats For Dogs: Bully Sticks, Ears, Bones & Dental Sticks
From $15.99

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Bully Sticks, ears, compressed bones and dental sticks are an excellent choice if you are searching for the best dog chew treats that will keep your Frenchie busy. Frenchies like to chew and bully sticks will satisfy your pup’s chewing needs, support his dental health, and keep him busy and entertained at the same time.

Key Features:

  • FDA and USDA approved
  • 100% natural
  • Highly digestible

Made of high-quality beef, these bully sticks are completely natural and suitable for Frenchies who are, as a breed, susceptible to allergies and digestive problems. Perfectly sized and delicious, these sticks will keep your Frenchie busy when you need some time to relax and unwind.

Made without additives, chemicals, or preservatives, these chew treats are an excellent alternative to rawhide and are completely safe. Please note that all chew treats can potentially be a choking hazard, so supervise your Frenchie while he is munching them.

Quick safety note: It’s advised to always keep an eye out for your dog when they have a bully stick or bigger dog biscuit as a treat. Frenchies are especially known to much faster than they can chew, and sometimes, the angle of the stick can potentially choke them.

We recommend using a safety bully stick holder if you can’t supervise them, like the one linked above.

How Many Treats Are Too Many?

Although treats are essential in reward-based training, they contain calories. Thus, you’ll have to be mindful of how many treats your Frenchie is consuming.

If you don’t pay attention, too many treats can lead to weight gain and obesity that can later lead to serious health problems and expensive vet bills.

As a general rule, treats should make no more than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake. For example, if your Frenchie needs 550 calories per day, he should get 55 calories from treats with the rest coming from his regular food.

At this point, you might be thinking, but how will my Frenchie learn anything if I can give him only a few treats per day? Most training treats are formulated to contain fewer calories than regular treats allowing you to do more repetitions without exceeding your dog’s daily calorie limit.

To stay on top of your Frenchie’s daily calorie intake and prevent obesity you can break the treats into smaller pieces. This way you will be able to do more repetitions and prolong the training session without causing your dog to gain weight.

Alternatively, you can also measure a specific amount of treats before training and calculate how many calories they have. Once you have that number just reduce the size of your pup’s regular meal accordingly.

Conclusion: Best treats for dog training?


- Less than 3 calories per treat
- Soft and chewy dog treats
- Made with real chicken
- No corn, no wheat, no soy
- Made in the USA

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- Our runner up
- Liver training treats
- Only 3 calories per treat
- Official training treat of the AKC
- No artificial colors or flavors

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- Veggie options available
- Perfect High-Value training reward
- Over 475 treats per bag!
- No added chemicals
- Fresh & freeze dried

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- Longer-lasting puppy treats
- Natural dog treats
- No added salt, sugar or additives
- Helps to freshen doggy breath
- Multiple flavour choice

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- Tasty & healthy
- Contains no corn or wheat
- Contains no meat by-products 
- Made with all-natural ingredients
- Perfect as training treats or daily snacks

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Although stubborn at times, French Bulldogs are highly intelligent and are easy to train when properly motivated. The best treats for French Bulldogs are an excellent incentive that will get your pup excited about obedience and training.

The important thing to remember is that treats contain calories! So make sure that you know how many you can give to your Frenchie or you’ll have to put your pup on a diet sooner or later.

In the end, whichever treats you choose, keep the training short and sweet, and soon enough your Frenchie will be the best-behaved dog on the block! And we hope this article answered your “What are the best treats for french bulldog puppy?” question!

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Best Treats For French Bulldogs – Top Dog Treats For Training Bulldogs

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