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The Best Food For My French Bulldog Puppy – Best Dog Food For Frenchies With Sensitive Stomachs

Best Dog Food For Frenchies With Sensitive Stomachs: Dog Nutrition Tips

Smart, cute, and playful French Bulldogs are an increasingly popular dog breed and fun to have around. Whether you are a novice or experienced owner, you know that finding the best food for a French Bulldog puppy is of the utmost importance.

Frenchies are prone to an array of different health problems, including allergies, and teeth crowding which means that they can’t eat just about anything. The good news is that Frenchies aren’t picky, so your only job is to find healthy and balanced food that will fulfill your pup’s nutritional needs.

In this article, you’ll discover exactly that and more! Let’s take a look, shall we?

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French Bulldog Diet and Nutrition Info: What You Need to Know

French Bulldog puppies need a complete and balanced diet that will keep them energized, help them grow, and support overall health and well-being. The best puppy food for a French Bulldog should contain a minimum of 22% protein, 8% fat, and be made from high-quality ingredients.

Being a small breed, French Bulldogs have a fast metabolism and will burn more calories than larger breeds. This means that you’ll have to feed your Frenchie with a nutrient and calorie-dense food, but at the same time avoid overfeeding. 

Like all other purebred dogs, Frenchies are predisposed to certain health problems, such as allergies. Low-quality food and a poor diet will have an effect on these conditions and consequently, put your puppy’s health and well-being at risk. Not to mention that bulldogs are usually known to develop sensitive stomachs due to low quality food.

Keeping this in mind, your Frenchie’s diet should include:

  • Protein: High-quality animal-sourced protein should be the staple of your French Bulldog puppy’s diet. Besides being a great energy source, proteins will support lean muscles and growth.
  • Fat: All dogs need fat in their diet since it’s the main energy source and also contains omega fatty acids that support healthy skin and coat. When it comes to French Bulldogs animal fats such as salmon oil or chicken fat are a better choice since they are easier to digest than plant-based oils.
  • Carbs: Although dogs don’t need carbs in their diet, your French Bulldog can benefit from eating wholesome carbohydrates. Brown rice and oatmeal are easily-digestible carbs that will support your pup’s GI health.
  • Vitamins & Minerals: Essential vitamins and minerals can be derived from fruit and veggies or added as supplements. They support a strong immune system, bone development, and growth, so make sure to include them into your puppy’s diet.

Foods to Avoid Feeding to A French Bulldog Puppy

At this point, you know what you Frenchie needs proteins, fats, and healthy carbs to thrive. However, a dog food can have all these nutrients listed on the label and still be bad for your pup.

Steer clear from foods that contain:

  • High Protein: Although grains are credited as a guilty party, higher levels of protein are the most common culprit of allergies in dogs. Being prone to allergies, French Bulldogs shouldn’t eat foods that are high in protein.
  • Grains: Filler grains such as corn, wheat, and soy don’t have any nutritional value and, as such, shouldn’t be on your dog’s menu. Furthermore, don’t feed your French Bulldog any foods that contain grains if he suffers from grain allergies.
  • High Fat: Although they have a faster metabolism, Frenchies can gain weight quickly since they are low energy dogs. Avoid feeding your pooch foods with high-fat levels to prevent weight gain and obesity.
  • Gluten: Foods that contain gluten are more likely to cause flatulence, upset stomach, and gas. Hence, avoiding foods that contain gluten can significantly improve your Frenchie’s GI health and prevent gassy episodes.

Best Puppy Food for A French Bulldog

Whether your Frenchie is gassy sometimes, or allergic to grains, he deserves to eat the best food your money can buy! If you’re looking for a true meal, Pet Plate has several tasty and completely balanced meal options that will satisfy you pup’s taste buds.

For now, take a look at our French Bulldog food recommendations to find the right formula for your puppy.

1. Best Dog Food for French Bulldog Puppies

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy Dog Food – Natural Dry Dog Food for Frenchies
$71.99 $64.98 ($2.17 / Pound)
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/09/2024 01:49 am GMT

If you are looking for a high-quality food that doesn’t contain soy, wheat, corn, or artificial preservatives, then the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is the right choice. Formulated for puppies, this food has all the essential nutrients that support growth and healthy development.

Key Features:

  • Contains LifeSource Bits
  • High-quality natural ingredients
  • Wholesome grains

Made from deboned chicken, whole grains, veggies, and fruits, this formula blends all the essential nutrients into tasty and crunchy puppy-size kibble. LifeSource Bits contain the right blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals your Frenchie needs to grow into a healthy and happy dog.

Although not grain-free, this formula contains easily digestible oatmeal and barley that will support your pup’s GI tract and help him feel full longer.

2. Best Grain Free Food for Adult Frenchies

Taste of The Wild - Grain Free Premium Dog Food - High Protein Dry Kibble For Dogs
$76.99 ($2.75 / lb)
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/08/2024 09:47 pm GMT

Formulated to mimic the ancestral diet of dogs, the Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Recipe has everything your Frenchie would need, minus the grains. Lack of fillers, artificial colors, and preservatives make this formula ideal for French Bulldog puppies with grain or gluten allergies.

Key Features:

  • Novel proteins
  • Contains probiotics
  • Packed with superfoods
  • Good for frenchies with sensitive stomachs

Buffalo, blueberries, and roasted venison are just a few of many mouthwatering ingredients that make this food a hit with Frenchies. Real fruit and veggies are also supplemented with all essential vitamins and minerals that support proper brain and bone development.

To help your puppy get the most out of every bite he takes, this formula contains propitiatory probiotics that support easy digestion and better nutrient absorption.

Other grain free dog food brands you might want to check out:

3. Best Food for French Bulldog with Gas & Sensitive Stomachs

Natural Balance - Limited Ingredients Nutritional Diets Dry Puppy Food with Grains
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Nature Balance L.I.D. Puppy Formula is the perfect choice if you are looking for the best food for French Bulldogs with a sensitive stomach. Made with a handful of nutritious and tasty ingredients this recipe can help you get rid of smelly doggy gas once and for all!

Key Features:

  • Supports good digestion
  • No peas, legumes, or lentils
  • Supports growth and development

Formulated with few simple, yet high-quality ingredients, this food has all the nutrients a still growing Frenchie needs but won’t overwhelm your pup’s delicate digestive system. Fiber-rich brown rice is an excellent source of fiber and will keep your pup feeling full without causing gas or stomach upset.

This recipe is supplemented with all essential vitamins and minerals that will help your puppy to grow and develop properly without experiencing flatulence and stomach upset.

Raw Feed French Bulldog Puppy

Raw feeding has become increasingly popular in the past few years, and many owners prefer raw diet over commercial dog foods. When prepared right, raw food can be extremely beneficial for French Bulldogs who are as a breed predisposed to many health problems that can be exacerbated with commercial food. Feeding raw is often the best food for french bulldog with allergies.

A carefully prepared raw diet can be a much healthier choice for a French Bulldog puppy than store bought puppy foods. Furthermore, you’ll know exactly what’s in the food and limit your dog’s exposure to additives, preservatives, and artificial colors that are found in commercial foods.

>> Read more about the benefits of feeding raw here!

Keep in mind that feeding raw to Frenchie puppies can be a bit tricky since you’ll have to ensure that every meal is complete and balanced and contains all the essential nutrients a still growing puppy needs. Until you get used to making raw meals, it might be easier to order raw dog food that is formulated to give your pup the best raw feeding has to offer.

And if your puppy has been used to eating regular dog food, you will have to transition him slowly to a raw diet. Start by replacing small amounts of your pup’s kibble with raw food, until all meals your pup is eating are completely raw.

Raw Feeding Supplies - Chicken, Turkey & Beef Organs For Dogs, Frozen Raw Dog Food & More
From $2.75/day

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The best places to buy raw dog food for your french bulldog:

  • Raw Paws Pet Food – huge variety of organs, kibble, treats & dog food
  • Tru Dog’s Rawgo – dehydrated and frozen raw dog food selections
  • Instinct Raw Boost – freeze dried raw pieces to top of kibble
  • You can also try your local butcher’s shop for more raw feeding supplies

Best Food for French Bulldogs UK

If you live in the UK, and the options or brands above are not available to you, you might want to these other carefully selected brands, which can be found on Amazon and most pet shops.


- Our top pick!
- Hypo-allergenic
- No unhealthy additives
- Full of natural goodness
- Gentle on your dog's digestion
- For adult dogs from 12 months to 7 years

Check on Amazon UK

- Most affordable option
- Complete and Balanced Nutrition
- # 1 Ingredient is Chicken
- Natural prebiotics to support sensitive digestion
- Added Taurine for healthy eyes and heart

Check on Amazon UK

-Trusted brand
- Grain-free
- Has antioxidants
- Roasted bison and roasted venison
- Omega fatty acid blend

Check on Amazon UK

Best Treats for French Bulldog Puppies

Whether you have started to train your Frenchie puppy or not, you must have some tasty puppy treats close at hand. French Bulldogs love to eat, so treats can be a great way to get your puppy interested in obedience training.

>> Check out our list of the Best Dog Treats & Chews For Bulldogs here.

Remember, you know your puppy best, hence it’s up to you to gauge what type of treats will hold the highest reward for your pooch. If you’re aren’t sure what your pup will like, the Eco Kind Treats & Chews are a good place to start since they have everything from treats and bully sticks to antlers.

Keep in mind that treats contain calories and that they should make only up to 10% of your Frenchie’s daily calorie intake. So, keep track of how many treats your pup is eating and start learning to say “no”.

How Much to Feed a French Bulldog Puppy or Adult?

Figuring out when to feed and how much food a French Bulldog puppy needs is a struggle for many new owners. Keep in mind that all Frenchies are different and that the amount of food your pup needs will depend on the type of food he is eating and his activity levels.

For a more precise feeding guide, based on your dog’s weight and age, check out this pet feeding calculator.

But here are some rough guidelines:

  • 2 months: 1 ½ cup of food a day divided into three meals
  • 3 months: 1 ¾ cup of food a day divided into three meals
  • 4-6 months: 1 7/8 cup of food a day divided into three meals
  • 7-8 months: 1 ¾ cup of food a day divided into three meals
  • 9-12 months: 1 3/8 cup of food a day divided into three meals

Please note that these amounts aren’t set in stone, and your pup might need less or more food depending on his individual needs. If you have any doubts, talk with your vet, and he will be able to tell you exactly how much food your Frenchie needs and create a feeding plan.

And if you decide to start feeding your bulldog a raw diet, this raw feeding 101 schedule & guide will help.

Conclusion – French Bulldog Diet Plan

French Bulldogs are extremely cute, affectionate, and smart dogs that deserve the best the world has to offer, and that includes a tasty and healthy diet. The best puppy food for a French Bulldog contains moderate levels of proteins and fats, wholesome carbs, and a blend of key vitamins and minerals.

All foods listed above will keep your Frenchie healthy and his tummy full regardless of your budget and any pre-existing health problems. Whichever you pick, you can rest assured that your Frenchie is getting the best, and that is exactly what he deserves!

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