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Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners For Removing Pet Hair From Hardwood Floors And Carpets

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Most Powerful Dog Hair Vacuums 2023: Pet Hair Begone!

Whether you are a novice or experienced pet owner, there isn’t much you can do when it comes to your dog or cat shedding, except to brush your pet and vacuum, a lot. 

However, without a powerful pet vacuum, you can clean your home from dawn to dusk and still find pet hair embedded in carpets and furniture.

If your regular vacuum cleaner can’t get the job done and you are spending hours cleaning in vain, it’s the right time to invest in the best vacuum for pet hair. But in the sea of vacuum cleaners, it can be challenging to find the one that meets your needs and can tackle pet hair on all surfaces.

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And since we want you to keep your pet and have a clean home at the same time, we found the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair that can handle even the toughest jobs. Stay with us till the end of this article to find the best pet vacuum for you.

Best Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair 2023

Whether you are looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner that can remove pet hairs from carpets, hardwood floors, or upholstery, you’re in the right place! Take a look at the in-depth reviews of the best pet hair vacuum cleaners and start cleaning your home in the right way.

1. Top Rated Vacuum For Pet Hair In 2023

Made to tackle stubborn pet hair and dirt, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 is the overall best vacuum for dog hair. Featuring a versatile head that cleans both carpets and hard floors, this vacuum also has a tangle-free upholstery attachment.

Key Features

·   55-gallon capacity

·   HEPA filter

·   Powerful suction

Designed for homes with pets, Dyson Animal 2 has an automatic head that adjusts between surfaces offering a quick but thorough cleaning experience. Dirt, grime, pet hairs, or muddy paw prints don’t stand a chance and are vacuumed away thanks to the superior suction.

Although a corded vacuum cleaner, this model is easy to maneuver and carry up the stairs. In addition to a versatile head, this vacuum comes with an attachment for every task so you’ll be able to clean all those hard to reach corners and crevices.   

2. Best Vacuum Cleaner For Dogs That Shed

The Shark Apex is a corded upright vacuum that can lift away huge clumps of dog hair. Featuring a DualClean system, this vacuum for pet hair directly engages hard floors and deep cleans carpets.

Key Features

·   1.5 quarts’ dust can capacity

·   Anti-allergen seal technology

·   Self-cleaning brushroll

Engineered to provide an ultimate vacuuming experience, the Shark Apex is powerful enough to lift stubborn pet hair from both carpets and hard floors. This model features a Zero M technology that removes wrapped pet hairs from the brushroll and prevents clogging.

While corded vacuums aren’t as mobile as their cordless counterparts, the Shark has a powered lift away that offers you three ways of cleaning. Simply remove the canister to reach under the furniture or to vacuum clumps of dog hair from carpets and stairs.

3. Best Canister Vacuum For Pet Hair

Miele Classic C1 Heavy-Duty Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner
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03/08/2024 12:42 pm GMT

If you are a fan of classical and compact vacuum cleaners, you’ll love what the Miele C1 Canister Vacuum Cleaner has to offer. Designed to tackle stubborn cat and dog hair, this model cleans all types of floors, carpets, and upholstery.

Key Features

·   4.5 liters’ filter bag

·   18 feet power cord

·   Active AirClear filter

While it may look like a thing of the past, the Miele canister vacuum for pet hair is a compact and sturdy tool that will keep your home spotlessly clean for years to come. You can adjust the strength of the suction to your liking thanks to the six-speed motor and clean across all surfaces.

While you’ll have to buy replacement bags, this vacuum has an Active AirClean filter that retains all particles and eliminates doggy odors.

4. Best cordless vacuum for pet hair

Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Purple
$599.99 $564.79
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03/09/2024 03:29 pm GMT

If you are looking for a lightweight but powerful pet hair vacuum cleaner, look no further than the Dyson A11. Engineered to tackle pet hairs and all other dirt, this stick vacuum transitions well from hard floors to carpets and can clean your entire home in one go.

Key Features

·   Up to 60 minutes of run time

·   Easy to maneuver

·   Advanced filtration system

Designed for deep cleaning, this pet hair vacuum has powerful suction and a high torque head that automatically adjusts to clean different types of floor. Thanks to the versatile tool attachments, you can also use this vacuum to remove pet hairs from upholstery, stairs, tight spaces, or to clean your car.

5. Best robot vacuum for pets

If you hate the idea of vacuuming and cleaning pet hairs from your floors, the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner might just be the thing you are looking for. Featuring a three-stage cleaning system and multi-surface rubber brushes, this robot vacuum can clean an entire level of your home.

Key Features

·   Automatically recharges as needed

·   Operated via an app

·   Captures 99% of all allergens

Designed to clean all types of floors the Roomba can cover and clean every inch of your home thanks to active navigation technology. You’ll need an app and Wi-Fi connection to control this robot, but once everything is set up, you can sit and relax and let the Roomba do the job for you.

Best Types Of Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners

If this is your first time shopping for the best vacuum for pet hair, you’ll be surprised to find that there are several types you can choose from. In the end, your unique needs and the amount of mess your pet creates will determine which type of vacuum cleaner is the best for you.

Here are different types of vacuum cleaners for pet hair:

·   Upright: Featuring strong suction and convenient design, the upright pet hair vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice if you have a pet that sheds a lot. Designed to handle even the toughest of jobs, these vacuums work on hard floors and carpets and can pick both dog and cat hair.

·   Stick: Lightweight and portable, a stick vacuum cleaner is a good option if you have a cat or a dog who sheds moderately. While great for apartments, homes with stairs,or hard floors, the stick vacuum isn’t the best choice if you have a pet that sheds a lot.

·   Canister: While not aesthetically pleasing, the canister vacuum cleaners have powerful suction and can pick up pet hairs, dirt, debris, and everything else. Heavy-duty and made to last, the canister is the best option if you have a long-haired cat or a dog that sheds a lot.

·   Robotic: Better suited for homes with hard floors, the robotic vacuum will clean instead of you. Although they make house chores a bit easier, robot vacuums are a good choice if you have a short-haired cat or a dog that doesn’t shed a lot.

Conclusion? What Vacuum Cleaner Should You Get?

Cleaning is never easy, but keeping your home spotlessly clean when you have pets is almost impossible. If despite your best efforts, you are still seeing pet hairs all over your floors, furniture, and clothes, it’s time to consider investing in the best vacuum for pet hair.

Pet hair vacuum cleaners are specially engineered to handle tough jobs and offer superior cleaning experience to dog and cat owners. Whether you have a cat or a dog, carpets, or hard floors, you can find a vacuum that will clean pet hair and other messes leaving your home odorless and clean. 

How To Get Rid Of Pet Hair – Your Questions Answered

How do you get stubborn pet hair out of the carpet? 

There are many ways you can remove stubborn pet hair out of carpets, but the most effective one is to regularly vacuum. To remove embedded pet hairs, spray your carpets with a mixture of fabric softener and water, leave it to dry, and then vacuum. Also, you can use lint rollers and FURemover carpet brushes to pick up stubborn pet hairs.

How do you get hair out of the carpet before vacuuming? 

There are several ways you can remove hairs from carpets before vacuuming. Tools such as rubber broom, rug rake, shower squeegee, or wet sponge mop are effective at getting pet hairs out of carpets. Sponge mop and squeegee are more suitable for smaller rugs, but you can use the rubber broom or a rug rake for large carpeted areas.

How do you remove pet hair from hardwood floors? 

Vacuum cleaning is one of the best and easiest ways to remove pet hair from hardwood floors. You can also use a dampened mop, rubber broom, or a microfiber duster to get rid of pet hairs and make your floors clean.

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Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners In 2023 For Removing Pet Hair From Hardwood Floors And Carpets

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