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11 French Bulldogs Owner Must Haves & Frenchie Essentials Supplies

French Bulldogs Essentials To Have At Home As A First Time Owner

Are you bringing a French Bulldog puppy home, or are you a long-time Frenchie lover? Then you need these French bulldog owner must haves in your life! We know first-time ownership of a dog can be a bit hectic and confusing, but we got it all sorted out for you!

If you just got an adorable bulldog pup at home or are thinking of getting one, there are some things that you must have – both for you and your pup. 

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These items include some helpful products and super-useful handy items to have around the house for your adorable Frenchie. Not to mention that they make wonderful gifts for French Bulldog owners, in case you’re shopping around for a friend or loved one instead.

11 French Bulldogs Essentials to Have at Home As A First Time Owner

Here are the super-convenient, comfortable, and advantageous items you must have as a first-time owner of a Frenchie. This list almost has everything you need for your new French Bulldog. But don’t take our word for it – shop around and see why other Frenchie owners love these items!  

Here are the best gifts for French Bulldogs Owners – Amazon Must-Haves Edition! 

These essentials can also make a great gift for your best friend who owns an adorable French bulldog. So, if you’re looking to gift something to a bulldog owner, don’t let any second thoughts hit you, and check this special amazon must haves addition right now!

We have picked the following items especially for you to treat a French Bulldog with the best quality products.

1. Best French Bulldog Guide for New Owners

Having a good Frenchie guide can sort out all of your confusion about training, cleaning, and caring for your pup right. You must get your hands on this bestselling handbook about French Bulldogs if you want to make sure your paw friend has the best start in life.

From eating schedules to bathing routines, this handbook is going to tell you all you need to know about French Bulldogs. It may also let you know further about what you need to do to “make it” as a Frenchie owner so you can have a better idea about maintaining your pup properly. So, if you have one, don’t delay in getting a copy of this book right away!

FRENCHIE GUIDE REVIEW: “When I got a new french bulldog puppy, my breeder recommended this book. Not just a handbook, an encyclopedia full of everything you could want to know….written in a way that is accessible to everyone and doesn’t make you feel stupid for asking the obvious questions! All the challenges I was having; all the issues I wanted to check, were covered in this book and, thankfully, it was written with humor and without judgment. I thoroughly recommend – you won’t need any other book.” – Amazon customer.

2. Flat Face Feeder

Frenchies are known to have this appealing cute flat face that enhances their look. But this flat face is also something that requires you to have a good item for serving his food, because their snout is much shorter than most breeds, making it difficult to grab and ingest food sometimes.

This Flat Face Feeder will help you improve your dog’s digestion and eating style to a great extent. It also makes it easier for bulldogs to eat just as they want to! Other than the feeder, a French bulldog owner must-haves list also includes having the best items to eat for your Frenchie. Make sure that the food you’re treating him with is right for his body and health.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: “My puppy loves this! He is a Mini Aussie and struggles to fit his smaller snout between regular slow feeder bowls. This one worked perfectly for him and he enjoys eating out of it!” 

An alternative to the slow feeder trey is a slope base bowl which works brilliantly for both water and food when it comes to bulldogs of all sizes. It’s also highly recommended by Frenchie owners who claim that it’s made feeding time more enjoyable for their short snout friends. 

3. Best Dog Food for French Bulldog Puppies

In case you’re looking for food brands to treat your puppy, there are many options available, so it can be a bit confusing. That’s why we reviewed the best dog food for french bulldogs, to help first-time owners pick the right brand and diet for a growing pup.

French Bulldog puppies need a balanced diet to keep them energized and support overall health and well-being. It’s recommended to pick a brand that has at least 22% protein, and since Frenchies have a fast metabolism, it’s vital that you feed your Frenchie a nutrient and calorie-dense food, without overfeeding. Find the best healthy food brands for Frenchies here

4. French Bulldogs Organic Pajamas

Looking for a trendy cozy attire for your furry friend? There’s no better gift for a Frenchie owner than a pet accessory made to last and impress. This Frenchie Store’s latest release – the French Bulldogs Pajamas  – is the trendiest ready-to-wear pajamas for your Frenchie.

Its fit and fabric was designed specifically for Frenchie dogs to provide comfort, prevent allergies and shedding. Moreover, along with letting your bulldog enjoy the comfort, you can also treat yourself to the cutets look, comfiest cuddles and a whole pet photoshoot to share the cute with everyone else. 

A couple more French bulldog pet accessories you might want to check out are:

5. Snout Soother Moisturizer For Bulldogs

Are you having a problem with your Frenchie’s dry nose? It’s time to say bye-bye to brittle dog noses, because here we have a solution for your cute Frenchie, which is the Snout Soother Moisturizer.

It’s a balm that is only for dogs. And is specially designed to nourish dry noses and heal cracked skin. It is made up of natural cocoa and shea butter to restore and maintain the supple, soft, hydrated skin of your pooch.

The Snout Soother Moisturizer is well-known for providing relief and prevention from chapped, crusty, itchy, cracked, and flaky skin. So, say no to dryness for your dog this season.

6. Best Treats for French Bulldogs

With the best health items, moisturizer, and accessories for your dog, you can manage to give him everything he likes. But keeping your Frenchie mentally engaged is a critical part of their development and training. 

Thankfully, French Bulldogs are known to be food motivated, so you can train them new tricks, reward good behavior and come up with fun games and activities surrounding the Best Treats For French Bulldogs.

We’ve rounded up our favourite healthy and low-calorie snacks and training treats in the article above, with the Zuke’s Natural Training Treats. 

7. Cooling Bandanas

Frenchies are known to be overly excitable and quick to overheat, which is not a great combination – especially in hot summer weather, or on longer walks. 

To prevent heatstroke (yes, it can happen in dogs!) and to make their adventures more enjoyable, we recommend Doggie Cooling Bandanas, which are a true 2 in 1 combo of looking adorable and cooling properties to keep your Frenchie’s temperature under control. 

Keep in mind that your French Bulldog will always have a different body temperature than you. Normally dogs’ temperature varies from 101 to 102.5 according to the atmospheric weather conditions. Therefore, your Frenchie may feel feverish even at a normal surrounding temperature. So don’t miss out on any chance of keeping him cool all day long with these Genius Cooling Products For Dogs.

 So, let the heads turn, and people get jealous of your super-cool Frenchie this summer!

 8. Anti-Choke Bully Holder Device

Having a Frenchie at home isn’t always easy, as these trouble-makers need a lot of love, care and supervision. Because of their potential health conditions, they have breed-specific needs and French Bulldog essentials that you need to have around the house – such as this anti-choke bully holder.

If your bulldog enjoys a good chew treat, but can’t be trusted to be left alone with one (which can be a potential choking hazard), this cheap little gadget is reliable and tight enough to hold the bully sticks and let your dog play just like he wants to.

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Due to their face shape and small neck, these types of dogs usually require a little assistance with such tasks, and it’s recommended that they are walked on harnesses rather than collars, to avoid putting pressure on their neck and spine. 

9. French Bulldog Mama T-Shirt – Best Gift For French Bulldog Mom

This shirt is one of the best Gifts for French bulldog owners. So, if you have a friend with a Frenchie as a pet, believe me, your friend would not find anything better or more loveable than this one! So grab this right now and surprise your buddy with this T-shirt.

Or even if you’re the owner of a Frenchie yourself, won’t you love to show it off everywhere? Well, of course, who doesn’t like to have these adorable bulldogs as pets. So if you do, just get this Frenchie Mama T-Shirt and rock your world!

10. Essential Oral Care for Frenchies

Believe anyone who says taking proper care of a bulldog involves taking care of their teeth too. Your Frenchie can easily fall prey to oral cavities or health issues related to the mouth, which are cheap to prevent, but expensive to treat.

Therefore, it is always important to take care of his dental cavity and not let things get out of hand. And a really easy and affordable way to do that is to regularly brush the teeth of your Bulldog. So, for this purpose, we recommend this specialized pet gel, that will not only will it help him stay healthy, but it will also make his breath smell good after all those treats you’re going to spoil him with. 

11. French Bulldog Mat – Housewarming Gift Idea For Bulldog Owners

Still looking for a cute gift idea for a French Bulldog owner’s house? Or maybe you want to decore your own front steps with a cute reminder for your guests. In that case, you’re going to love this Frenchie home mat. 

Plus, why not tell everyone around you that you love Owning a French Bulldog Puppy and aren’t afraid to show him off? So, get this super-cool mat right now that says ‘home,’ which will probably be incomplete without your cutie paw friend.

Conclusion – Best French Bulldogs Supplies – Amazon Must Haves Edition

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or to get inspiration for gift ideas for a Frenchie owner in your life, we hope we have covered every essential item that a French bulldog owner must have in their life! Some of our choices are things from Amazon that French Bulldog owners swear by – as shown by the reviews.

If we missed anything – leave a comment below and share your favourite accessories, gift ideas for Frenchie parents, and novelty bulldog gifts. 

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