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Totally Pawsome Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers: 15 Things To Get For Your Dog Obsessed Friends

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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Dog Owners & Pet Lovers: Cute & Funny Gift Ideas For 2023

It is never too early to start thinking about gift ideas for your friends and family. Whether it’s for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any number of great excuses to treat your loved ones, coming up with a new and unique gift to give each time around can be difficult and often stressful.

Luckily, there is at least one person in your life that you won’t have to stress over this year – The Dog Lover! Because dog-obsessed people tend to be extra loving, gracious, and easy to please (not unlike their canine companions), there’s not much you could give them that wouldn’t make them howl with excitement!

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However, with all the options out there for the best dog gifts, it can start to get a bit overwhelming. That is why we compiled this list of unique gift ideas for the dog lovers in your life. 

With an array of products that are both thoughtful and quality, finding the perfect dog Christmas or birthday gift will be a walk in the park – assuming you don’t decide to give them an actual walk in the park!

15 Funny, Practical & Personalized Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers 2023

1. Funny Sweatshirts for Hard Working Pet Parents

When your friend isn’t typing away on their laptop or jotting down new business ideas, they’re taking that hard-earned cash and spoiling the heck out of their pup. Isn’t about time that someone spoils them too?

This dog-related gift is a super cozy sweatshirt that is not only stylish but also has that thoughtful and personal touch that will have the recipient thinking it is designed just for them (and why not let them believe it? We won’t tell if you won’t)!

Also Tr : “All I Need is My Dog and My Blog” Sweatshirt

2. The Dog Mom Gift Box from Crate Joy

Dog Mom Box - Must-Have Items For Both Dogs and Their Owners
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Everyone knows that the easiest way to a dog person’s heart… it’s through their dog, of course! By giving the gift of the Dog Mom Box from Crate Joy, you’re guaranteeing that both mom and dog are being properly treated.

Whether you choose to give a one-time gift or a monthly subscription, each dog-themed gift box will include 5-7 items carefully curated for those who just love to love their dog!

For more full gift boxes check out our guide to the Best US Subscription Boxes For Dogs and the Best European Monthly Boxes For Pets

3. Personalized Gifts: Blankets & Socks With Your Dog’s Face

Customizable Pet Socks, Blankets & Mugs With Your Unique Pet
$11.99 - $34.99

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Spaniels on socks, poodles on pillows, and pugs on mugs – it doesn’t get much cuter than the custom pet décor and clothes found on Lovimals.

Their detailed and adorable hand-drawn images of pets help you to give your dog friend the convenience of never having to leave the house again without their beloved best friend. The perfect gift for dog owners and animal lovers alike!

4. Custom Embroidered Dog Beds For Spoiled Pooches

Customizable Comfy & Waterproof Dog Beds With Names Embroidered
From $27.99

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

After a long day of running and playing, a good night’s sleep is calling your dog’s name… literally! This personalized gift for pet owners is an embroidered dog bed from Majestic Pet that gives any pup their very own snooze space that also proudly displays their name for all to see!

When gifting this ultra-cozy bed, don’t be surprised if your dog-snuggling friend sends it back to get their name added too. If you have an extra large dog breed, be sure to check our guide for the best orthopedic dog beds for them. 

5. Dog Shaming Calendar To Bring Humor Into The Office

The Dog Shaming 2023 Day-to-Day Calendar shows a different reader-contributed photo and caption on each page, which features a naughty dog and what got them in trouble. 

Their 2023 Calendar was also huge hit, receiving nearly 1,000 positive reviews and bringing smiles all over the world. So you don’t want to miss on the most recent one for the New Year.

Dog owners will relate to the mischief and mishaps described in this calendar, and dog lovers of all ages will appreciate the please-forgive-me expressions that make it hard to stay mad at these guilty pups for long.

6. Funny Affordable Gifts For Dog Owners: Mugs & Magnets

Personalized Mug For Bloggers & Dog Moms

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Funny Fridge Magnet For Dog Lovers & Pet Parents
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’re nearly done with your shopping, and you’re looking for a few cute and affordable gifts to top up your gift guide to a dog mom or pup parent in your life, you’re going to love these mugs and magnets from Blogging Mode.

The “I Work Hard So My Dog Has A Better Life” prints are especially a favourite amongst female entrepreneurs that want to give their pooches the best life.

7. A Stuff Toy Replica Of Any Dog – The Ultimate Pet Lover Gift

Best personalized gift!
Custom Stuffed Animal Of Your Beloved Pet - Just Upload A Photo & Get A Unique Plush Toy
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

What better way to honor the love you have for your friend and their pet than with a lookalike stuffed animal or custom pet pillow? 

These pawsome Petsies & Pillows make for the best, most heartwarming gifts for your pet loving friends and family that are super unique and will go down as the most personalized gift in history.

Get your Petsies here or make it for a friend – all you need is a photo of their dog! 

8. Airline Approved Travel Pet Bag 

Dog Travel Bag With Food Storage Containers and Collapsible Dog Bowls
$44.99 $29.99
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/08/2024 04:56 pm GMT

Whether you’re flying across the world, setting off on a pup and parent road trip, or dropping them off at the dog sitter’s, this all-in-one dog travel bag is an absolute must! With two collapsible bowls, food and treat storage, and spacious compartments for supplies, you can be confident that your pup will have everything they might need within paws reach.

In need of the essentials? Check out our guide to practical items for a new puppy

The best part? This travel tote is airline compliant and the perfect size for a carry-on. Who knew your pup could be such a jet setter?  

Bonus gift idea: Custom Pet Passport. A world-traveling canine companion isn’t going to get very far without their very own Pet Passport! Now you can document your pup’s adventures and ensure they always breeze through TSA (The Terrier Security Administration, of course).

9.  Dog Themed Coffee Table Books 

Underwater Dogs Hardcover Book
$24.00 $13.65
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/09/2024 10:47 pm GMT

One of the home’s most underrated statement pieces is the coffee table book. Not only are they a great conversation starter, but they are also the perfect opportunity to show off one’s interests and personality!

By gifting a dog-themed coffee table book, like the #1 Best Seller Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel, you are giving a present for dog lovers that declares their puppy addiction to all of their future guests (and not to mention, they get to look at some super amazing dog pictures).

Here are a few more awesome Dog Themed Coffee Table Books that range from quirky and silly to heartwarming and timeless:

10. Dog Treat Maker Kit As A Gift Idea For Pet Owners 

All Natural Dog Treat Recipes Maker Kit With Gift Bags Included
$19.99 $14.99
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/10/2024 12:20 am GMT

Finally, all the time spent curled up at your feet while you cook dinner is about to pay off for your pup. They won’t be able to contain their excitement when they realize that the biscuits your baking are dog biscuits!

This Dog Treat maker kit from Amazon is the perfect gift for the pet parent who loves trying out new recipes AND ensuring their dog’s treats contain only the best, most quality ingredients. Complete with a dog treat recipe book, this treat maker provides endless opportunities to impress even the pickiest of canine critics.

11. Personalized Historical Pet Portrait As A Funny Gift Idea

Posh Pet Portrait For Dog Owners With A Sense Of Humour
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Everyone believes that their pup will go down in history as the greatest dog to ever live, and let’s face it, they probably all will! Like with any great historical figure, a grand portrait that accurately displays their regality and importance is an honorable choice of decor. 

These custom portraits from Etsy are a funny, yet classy, Christmas gift idea for dog owners to let grace the walls of their home and live on in history books for generations to come!

12. Pet and Parent Matching Clothes

Dog & Owner Matching Clothing Set - Cute Gift Ideas For Dog Obsessed People
From $15

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

It’s widely believed that a person’s dog is a direct reflection of their personality. If that’s the case, then it must also be true that a person’s dog shares their unique, yet fabulous, fashion sense!

That is why these matching Dog and Owner shirts are such a great gift! And who doesn’t love getting clothes as a present? With so many options and combinations, you’re sure to find something that both parties will love! Matching with your best friend is always in style, especially when the BFF (best furry friend) is so cute.

Here are a few more matching sets worth checking out:

13. Funny Home Decor Items & Signs

Dogs Welcomed, People Tolerated Funny Sign Block
$14.95 $7.67
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/08/2024 09:39 pm GMT

What dog owner do you know that goes without displaying paw prints, posters and funny signs around the house? Add to their collection by getting them this hilarious, sarcastic and heartwarming wood box sign.

With over 400 Amazon positive reviews, this sign has put hundreds of homes in the right packing order. What more could you want from a gift?

14. Cute Gift Idea: Dog Shaped Plant Pot

Dog Planter Pot for Cactus, Succulents Or Air Plants
From $15
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Let’s be honest – if “shaggy chic” was a décor style, it would be taking the interior design world by storm! But until that day comes, there are a few puppy steps one can take to get ahead of the trend.

Starting with this adorable dog-themed ceramic planter from Etsy! Combine it with any pet-friendly plant as a gift for your puppy loving pal and help contribute to their doggy décor collection.

15. Organic Dog Bathing Kit For Dog Moms Who Spoil Their Dogs

Dog Bath Kit - Sensitive Washing Pack - Perfect for your pup or a gift!
From $40

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Never let a pooch go un-pampered again by giving the gift of this all-in-one bathing kit from Mutt Cosmetics! Complete with Shampoo, Conditioner, a dog bath bomb, and pup oil, this gift set is gentle on sensitive skin and great for all fur types!

Whether your friend is an avid dog bather or still trying to convince their pup that being clean is not so bad, this gift will ensure that everyone looks forward to bath time!

Mix and Match BONE-us Gift Guide For Dog Owners

List of puppy parent gift ideas

If you’re feeling a little extra generous with your gift-giving, try combining items on the list for a creative and thoughtful twist! Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Dog Treat Maker and Puppy Planter – When gifting the Dog Treat maker from amazon, try throwing in a fresh ingredient, like a potted parsley plant, that can be added to any dog treat recipe for a natural breath freshener!

Custom Dog Bed and Dog Bath Kit – Give the gift of ulti-mutt relaxation with this luxurious duo that allows for pampering all day and snoozing all night. Your friend’s pup will think they’ve checked into a 5-star Spa-w and Resort!

Travel Bag and Matching Bandana & Face Mask – Matching outfits are a staple of any true family vacation, and because it’s more important now than ever to prioritize health and safety, this adorable matching face mask and bandanna set is a travel must-have! And don’t forget the travel bag – they’re going to need all the extra space it provides for the rest of their matching wardrobe.

Custom Art Mug and Blogging Sweatshirt – Every blogger knows that the (not-so-secret) secret to great writing is lots and lots of coffee. With a cozy dog blogging sweatshirt on and their pup on a mug, you’re helping to provide them with the perfect creative environment! Who knew writing could be so easy when your muse is (literally) in the palm of your hand?

Cheers to those who believe their dog is the reason for every season!

No matter what you decide to give to the dog-person in your life, when you choose to include their pup (or love of pups) in the exchange, you acknowledge that what’s important to them is also important to you! 

That is a sentiment that means more than any gift you could buy (but don’t try to tell the dog that – they would probably prefer the presents).

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Personalized Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers: 15 Things to Get for Your Dog Obsessed Friends

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