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New Puppy Shopping List – What Do I Need to Buy for a New Puppy Checklist

New Puppy Shopping List: What Do I Need to Buy for a New Puppy Checklist

Excited about bringing home a new puppy or dog home for the very first time? Whether you are a first-time dog owner or bringing a new pup into the family, you should always have a new puppy shopping list jotted down and ready to go, to prepare for the arrival of your new pooch.

And just in case you’re wondering “what do i need to buy for a new puppy?” and you’re doing that research right now, we have put together a new puppy essentials checklist that will help you be 100% prepared to face the challenges of puppyhood.

If you want to give your new dog the biggest and warmest welcome into your home, here are a few things that shouldn’t miss from your house:

New Puppy Shopping List – 15 things you need to get

Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting time for everyone involved. You’ve probably spent months picking out the perfect pooch for you and your family, drafted up puppy names and you’re ready for the commitment – what else is there to do? The answer: More than first-time dog owners typically think.

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Read on to learn about the 15 things you need to buy before you bringing home your puppy dog.

1. Collar + personalized dog tag

Must-have item
Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/08/2024 12:36 pm GMT

It might be a no-brainer, but the first thing you will need to check off your new puppy checklist is a suitable collar and a personalized dog tag. The American Kennel Club suggests that most standard flat collars will do the trick for most breeds, but greyhounds and whippets are the exceptions; they can sometimes slip out of their collars because their necks are bigger than their heads. For those breeds, a Martingale collar is better suited.

Attached to the collar, you should also have a personalised dog tag, engraved with the dog’s name, your phone number and address. In the UK, this is a requirement as soon as you start walking your puppy outside. But no matter where you live, this is a safety precaution you’ll want to take even if your dog is microchipped, in case it gets lost. The stainless steel option is great for durability and has a nice, classic look to it.

2. Puppy Crate or Play Pen

Speaking of things you need for a puppy – a crate should come high-up on the list. Crate training puppies can solve a lot of problems (especially if they are left alone during the day), and it can help the dog accommodate better in his new home by having a safe space of their own.

A pet carrier will also be needed for trips to the vet or for other travel reasons, but with the Revol crate, you get 2 in 1. With a puppy divider, a removable tray for easy cleaning, and a ceiling hatch that allows you to calm and treat your pup without them squirming through an open door, Revol is designed to grow with your dog. From the potty training phase to den-loving days, this is your dog’s forever home.

A few options for this would be:

3. Leash + harness for dogs

Strong Dog Leash with Comfortable Padded Handle
$13.89 $8.89
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03/08/2024 11:34 am GMT

Next on your doggie to-buy list is getting a good sturdy leash, that will last you past puppyhood and a harness.

These should depend on the size of your dog, the breed, and your personal preference. For dog breeds that are more inclined to pull, we recommend avoiding retractable leashes, as it establishes counterintuitive habits that will teach your puppy to pull on the leash, which won’t be fun or safe to deal with when they are adults.

Instead, opt for a no-pull dog harness < we’ve reviewed a couple of our favourites here.

4. Dog bed

Preparing for a puppy also means getting your home ready and comfortable for them. And a dog bed – whether you choose a kennel mat or a comfy orthopedic bed, cannot miss from your shopping list.

We personally love Pet Mate’s selection and especially their puppy lounger beds that provide additional head, neck, and back support. A few other things to look for in a dog bed are washability, non-slip bottom, comfort, and appropriate size. Other than that, pick something that you’ll enjoy seeing in your home.

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And if you want something extra special, you can always customise your own dog bed + add your puppy’s name.

5. Bowls + dog feeder

Stainless Steel Bowls with Anti-Skid Rubber Base for Food or Water
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/08/2024 09:24 pm GMT

Next up on the list of new puppy supplies is a simple bowl set, for food and water. You can’t really go wrong with these, but be mindful of their size, based on the estimated portion size your puppy will eat, as it’s easy to overfeed them if you get big bowls.

You might also want to get a feeding mat to place under the bowls, as puppies are known to be messy eaters, and these will protect your floor from any spillage.

Your puppy might also need:

6. Eco-friendly poop bags

Before you bring your new puppy home, it’s important to already have poop bags on deck. You need them every day and for every single walk, so it’s good to stock up on a brand you like early on.

We recommend going with a brand that manufactures compostable versus biodegradable poop bags, as they don’t contribute to the existing issue caused by single-use plastic bags. And if you’re from the UK or Europe, we invite you to check out the Alpha Pets Compostable Bags with Handle Ties.

7. Dog toys

Interactive Small Dog Chew Toys - Dog Teething & Rope Toys Set
$13.99 ($2.33 / Count)
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03/08/2024 05:44 pm GMT

The puppy supply list continues with a high-demand for interactive dog toys. These are essential to keep your puppy busy, and teach then that toys are for chewing – furniture is not. Amazon has a great selection of dog toys and different sets that will allow your puppy to experiment with texture so that playtime never gets boring!

Our team is a big fan of these pea shaped puppy chew toys.

8. Grooming & nail care

Professional Dog Nail Grinder
$29.99 $19.99
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/08/2024 11:40 am GMT
4 Pieces Pet Comb Grooming Tool Set Dematting Pack
$15.99 ($15.99 / Count)
03/09/2024 05:34 pm GMT

Brushing your dog and cutting or trimming its nails is an important part of being a responsible puppy owner. So these things shouldn’t miss when you’re putting together your new puppy shopping list.

Getting them used to brushing and nail care early on, will also make everyone’s life so much easier and enjoyable, and using a nail trimmer weekly at home can actually save you money long-term. And of course, don’t forget about a good dog shampoo as they can be instrumental in cutting down the shedding in hairy dogs.

9. Indoor dog potty lawn

If you’ve never heard of Doggie Lawn, you’re missing out. These environmental friendly dog grass patches are perfect for dog owners who don’t have access to a garden, but who want to potty train their puppies from the get-go to only do their business on grass, and on grass alone.

With free shipping to anywhere in the continental US and a ton of satisfied customers, doggie lawn is a brilliant alternative to the smelly pee pads that usually take over your house when you’re first potty training a dog. And because it’s made of out real grass, you can dispose of it your green compost bin. Good for your pup, and good for the environment – a company we can truly stand behind!

You might also want to read: 5 Steps for Toilet Training Your Puppy.

10. Dog food + training treats

As a new puppy owner, you’ll have to make a big decision early on about the diet of your dog, as it’s usually recommended to stick with the same brand and type of food or adjust it based on your dog’s reaction to it.

Grain-free food, for example, is a safer and healthier alternative that most dogs thrive on, while other owners swear by the benefits of feeding raw.

And one of the things that you would want to do when you first get a puppy, is to start training it right away – a task impossible at their age without the promise of treats & biscuits. Raw Paw Pet Food has some super-healthy alternatives, as well as various chew treats to keep them busy throughout the day.

What you feed your dog is a topic worth extra research, so be sure to check out our other aticles on:

11. Automatic dog feeder

Do you need to buy an automatic pet feeder for your new puppy? Not necessarily, but it definitely has its benefits! So don’t dismiss it just yet. We’ve reviewed the best ones here!

It’s very important for puppies, and dogs in general, to have a set time for eating, and to stick with that time. Puppies, in general, need to eat at least 3 times a day until they are about 6 months old (or more depending on their size, because small dogs tend to end multiple smaller meals during the day).

A smart pet feeder can help you stay organised, and keep your pup’s belly food, even if you’re out during the day. Not to mention that they now come equipped with cameras, so you can check in on your pet – gotta love technology!

12. Play pen for dogs

Precision Pet Universal Exercise Pen - Puppy Play Pen
Check price on Amazon

SHOP PLAY PENS Find more exercise pens on Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Keep your pet out of mischief with a Precision Pet® Choice Exercise Pen. Exercise pens are also a good playground for pets indoors and outdoors, allowing them to explore in a safe environment which helps with training.

These are especially useful for puppies that are slowly being introduced to the rest of the house, and a good alternative for crates. But they happen to be one of those things that people forget about when asking themselves “What doI need to buy for a new puppy?“.

Alternatively, you could buy some dividers (we love the pet gate selection from Pet Pro Supply) that will section of an entire room or section in your house, giving your dog more freedom while making sure no furniture gets destroyed in your absence.

13. Dental care for dogs

A lot of new pet owners don’t realize how important it is to keep up their dog’s dental hygiene, and to start them off while they are still young.

To avoid a costly vet bill, and make sure your dog has healthy teeth and a pleasant breath, we recommend this super easy to use dental spray for dogs, as an alternative to dental treats – especially if you’re being mindful of your dog’s weight or treat intake.

14. Car seat covers

Dog Car Seat Cover - Waterproof Pet Protector For Back Seats
$23.99 $15.99
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/08/2024 06:34 pm GMT

Moving on with the puppy shopping list, an essential item for car owners – seat covers. Keep your car seat safe from pets hair/fur, stains, and dirt, maintain your car inside looking new. Waterproof and scratch proof, protect your car seat from the wear and tear of your pets. Perfect for homes with children and pets. Alternatively, you could use a dog car seat (yes, that’s a thing!) – mostly suitable for small breeds.

15. Puppy Training Guide

FREE TRAINING VIDEO: 5 Biggest Training Mistakes New Puppy Owners Make

Find out what are the 5 biggest mistakes new dog owners make, and how to avoid them so you can set your puppy for success from the get-go!

Watch the FREE webinar here! Enroll in the Perfect Pup Course!

With a new puppy comes a new responsibility – training them, instilling good habits and correcting misbehaviors while they are young. And this will all come down to you. So while you’re ticking things off your new puppy checklist and investing in essential supplies, don’t forget to look out for a training guide – especially if you’re a new puppy owner.

We recommend Puppy Training in 7 Easy Steps: Everything You Need to Know to Raise the Perfect Dog or having a nosey look at the expert advice given by Cesar Millan on his website.

Or, if you love free puppy training tips, our friend Lisa – who is a certified dog trainer of 5+ years – has put together a one-hour virtual class on the 5 training mistakes that new puppy owners make – and how to avoid them.

Did we miss anything from our ultimate list of puppy supplies? Comment below and let us know!

Because we all know how important it is it enrich the lives and the days of our pets. So for all-in-one puppy supplies and gifts, be sure to check out our round-up of the best subscription boxes for pets.


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