Compostable Dog Poop Bags With Handles, 320 Large Zero Waste Dog Poop Bags UK

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Try our Alpha Pets compostable poo bags for dogs today! These zero-waste cornstarch bags WITH HANDLES have no plastic whatsoever in them, making them the best eco-friendly poop bags on the market


Pack of 1 x Compostable Dog Poop Bags With Handles, 320 Large Zero Waste Dog Poop Bags UK – 3+ Months Supply

Are you an eco-minded dog owner, looking to reduce your pet’s environmental paw print? Make the switch to the Alpha Pets compostable poo bags today! 

Our shop carries the only certified compostable waste bags for dogs (with handles) that are 100% home compostable (and safe for industrial composting). No matter how you dispose of our poop bags, they will 100% degrade.

Made out of plants – and with absolutely no plastic! 

Here at Alpha Pets, we believe in creating earth-friendly products for our beloved fur babies that are sustainable and environmentally-safe, without compromising on quality. And that’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to our pack of 320 compostable waste bags.


About Our Compostable Dog Poop Bags With Handles

Box contains: 320 compostable dog poo bags (enough for 3-4 bags per day, for 3+ months)
Each bag measures: 25.5 x 36 cm + an additional 5 cm gusset on each side
Thickness: 17 microns (stronger than the standard 13 or 15 microns bags)
Material: cornstarch (100% plant based, 0 micro-plastics)
Additional features: equipped with handle ties, leak-proof, tear-resistant
Suitable for: small pets and up to medium-large dog breeds
Certifications: EN13432 and ASTM D6400 certified (home composting and industrial composting safe)
Scent: unscented (0 chemicals used in production)

What makes the Alpha Pets bags different from other biodegradable poo bags?

Our Alpha Pets pet waste bags are 100% biodegradable AND compostable (via European standards), made out of third-grade spoilt corn, normally a waste product left to rot by farmers.

With absolutely no EPI-additives or micro-plastics, our corn-based bags fully degrade and decompose in 3-12 months (depending on the disposal conditions), nourishing the earth instead of polluting it.

Their composition allows the bags to break down naturally and be consumed as food by microorganisms. Whether the bag of poop is thrown into a trash can or a bin dedicated to composting, it will naturally return to the earth within a few months.

Our ASTM D6400 certification, which is only given to products that actually compost, can vouch for that. Unfortunately, many poop bags that claim to be earth-friendly or biodegradable don’t actually break down within a year, and some never degrade at all. That’s why you need to watch out for what kind of bags you buy and get our Compostable Dog Poop Bags instead!

Products made of plastics that allege to decompose naturally in the environment are often “oxo-biodegradable,” meaning they contain chemical additives (such as EPI) that break down plastic into smaller fragments. Ultimately, these products can cause the same damage to the planet that any other plastic can.

So when it comes to truly earth-friendly single use bags, always choose compostable > biodegradable. Choose Alpha Pets!


How To Dispose Of The Used Bags Correctly:

To get the best results from our compostable plant-based poop bags, you have to dispose of them correctly. Here are a few options you can try:

  • Home composting – Bury it. This option works best if you live in a rural area with space away from the house. Waste should be buried at least five inches underground, away from vegetable gardens and water sources. Look up DIY pet waste composting for more tips.
  • Industrial composting – Transport it to an industrial composting facility near you that accepts pet waste. Because our bags are compostable and certified in Europe, they will be accepted in most facilities.
  • General waste bins – Bag it and bit it! If you can’t compost it, you can also throw the used poo bags in your general waste bins to be taken to the local landfills, where the bags will decompose in 12 months.

Alpha Pets. For those who choose nothing but the best for their pets.

Try our Alpha Pets zero waste dog poop bags today! 

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136 reviews for Compostable Dog Poop Bags With Handles, 320 Large Zero Waste Dog Poop Bags UK

  1. Robust and great value

    Great bags! Ecologically friendly, robust and a good price. We did our homework before buying these as the ones we used previously tended to ‘melt’ before we got to use them. We were looking for good quality and bags that were sturdy enough to last till they were used. These are much more robust. Our whippet sometimes suffers from loose stools which is not the easiest to lift (!) but these bags deal with it without any problem and they don’t perish at all in storage. We’ll definitely be sticking with this brand from now on

  2. Dorothy George – Great bags

    good bags really strong instead of the weak bags i get i would buy again really good

  3. sue lyles

    These are great … properly biodegradable (unlike some that are branded as such but small print says otherwise) compostable and 0.000etc plastic. And … JUST AS IMPORTANT … they are strong, sturdy and easy to open! I will not be purchasing any other brand from now on.

    Best poo bags I’ve bought!

  4. Linda H – Best poo bags I have bought

    These are the best poo bags I have ever bought and will buy no others from now on. They have handles, are strong, large (certainly more than big enough for my Labradors offerings!) and compostable. They come in a free-flowing box, not an annoying roll that doesn’t tear straight. Great product!!!

  5. T. King

    Nice big size and nice and strong. I’ve had compostable bags in the past but they were quite flimsy and tore easily. These are really strong and a nice big size.

  6. LJ – Good quality bags

    Good quality, truly compostable bags. Have just set up a subscription for these on Amazon.

  7. Angela – First Time Buyer

    I really like these bags. Big enough, easy to use and thick enough not thin and flimsy. No odour, plasticky or perfume (I am sensitive to fragrances and other chemicals).

  8. Kim – Best Poo Bags I’ve ever used!

    Fantastic bags. The box lasts so long! Tie handles make it so easy to tie and carry. My cat is elderly so she poos outside the tray sometimes on newspaper laid out. Bags are big enough to fold in the paper too. Best feature: Compostable! Care for your furry friend without harming the planet! Thank you Alpha Pets.

  9. James T. – Strong with good handles.

    Have used these for a while and they are strong, have good length handles to tie up and are good value. Never had one fail on me.

  10. Emmeline R.- These bags actually are compostable!

    Theses bags actually are compostable! Unlike other brands that claim to be but aren’t. I’ve been using them for maybe nearly 2 years now. They’re strong, and leak proof – not a single bag has split yet or leaked. You get loads in a box and it lasts months (I have 1 dog). Great value. I thoroughly reccomend these bags.

  11. Fran – Great Environmentally Friendly Bags

    Having bought other brands of cornstarch bags I can honestly say these are the best I’ve yet come across. No manufacturing defects and very robust compared to the competition making them much better value for money.

  12. Matt – Thumbs Up

    Great product would highly recommend & will be purchasing again when this box runs out.

  13. Paula – Amazon reviewer

    Delighted with this product, until recently I hadn’t realised that some bags which I thought were bio degradable actually weren’t, I had been taken in by the names used by certain companies.
    Only been using them for a few days but they seem perfect, I have 2 labradors so I need them to be strong and a reasonable size.
    Really happy and will be buying again

  14. CW – Good quality poo bags

    I use these poo bags for my cockapoo dog. They are a good size and easy to separate to open the bag, which has been one of my big frustrations with some other brands. They are strong and have long handles so are easy to tie. As they are made from natural materials, they will biodegrade over time.

  15. Sophie – These are great!

    These are great poo bags. They are exactly what they say, completely compostable, strong and leak proof.

  16. FloJo – The best, truly compostable, poo bags with tie handles! Highly recommended.

    5 out of 5 stars! I don’t usually write reviews, but these are definitely worth recommending! The main reason is because they’re truly biodegradeable being made of corn starch. All the other ‘eco’ poo bags I’ve tried are made with ‘bio-plastic’ which just means it eventually disintegrates into micro-plastics. These are tough, large enough to use with a two-hand grab if necessary, and have tie handles making them easy to carry. And whilst they are compostable, I’ve not had any problems with them degrading/losing strength within a few days of using them. Plus, they are brightly coloured which means you can easily find them on your way back! Yes, a bit more expensive than most poo bags, but worth every penny if you care about the environment you walk your dog in!

  17. Amazon Customer – Super product.

    Best poo bags bought for our Labrador yet! Would definitely recommend.

  18. WH – They do the job and are value for money.

    I like the design and feel of these bags and have re-orderred these from my first buy. They are sturdy, value for money and tie easily.

  19. Ruth Chapman

    These bags are an excellent product. I would certainly recommend them.

  20. Eileen – Good product!

    I’ve been using these dog poo bags for many weeks and have found them to be strong and easy to use. They’re eco friendly and as we’ve two dogs and a cat (used when emptying litter tray) we get through a lot of bags each day but a box lasts for several weeks. I’m happy that they bio-degrade easily. We’re very satisfied and will continue using them and recommend them to other pet owners.

  21. Retale – Strong, easy to use and ethical.

    These poo bags are strong, easy to use and totally compostable. We have a 50kg golden retriever and have to pick up lots of large poos. The bags are really well made and do not split or leak. They are also easy to find as they are bright green. The tie handles are positive and long enough to tie a double knot if needed. The bags also open up easily prior to using- and are packed really conveniently in a sturdy dispensing box so you can pick out one bag at a time if needed. These are the best poo bags I have ever used and will continue to buy these on repeat. Excellent value for money and super eco- conscious. Picking up poos has never been so much fun and such a eco- political statement ! I am happy to walk along with my bag of poo(s) whilst finding a bin and take great pride in the fact that my bags of poo are fully compostable. . HAPPY DAYS!

  22. Leah – I’m on my third purchase!

    Conscious of the need to reduce plastic waste I started searching for poo bags that were genuinely biodegradable but still did the job well. I am delighted to say that I am now on my third purchase of these bags because they are great. The colour is great too, sometimes I will semi-hide a bag at the start of a walk for collection at the end and the colour means it doesn’t stand out but its still bright enough for me to spot easily on the way past. Highly recommended.

  23. Paul – Recyclability

    Very impressed with product and heart warming to know I am not adding to the plastic destroying our planet
    Thank you

  24. Amazon Customer – Just the right size!

    My carers use these for my Incontinence pants. They are very strong and leakproof. Easy to tie up and the right size to take everything I use in each change. Also eco friendly so couldn’t recommend highly enough although I wish they were a bit cheaper.

  25. Amazon Customer – Excellent

    Excellent product, have given some to my daughter who has finally rescued her two dogs from Spain, it’s been a long haul & with two large dogs she’s gonna need reliable sturdy bags. Will def purchase again & share the deposit LOVE with friends, so they can benefit too 100/100

  26. Woof – great bags!

    Great quality bags. Tried different makes but these are by far the best. Large, strong and easy to open. We have two large dogs and you can pick up two poos in one bag which makes them a bit more economical. Worth the money to know your not adding to the plastics problem!

  27. Claire – Great sized compostable poo bags!

    These bands are a really good size and don’t leak.

  28. Ronan C.

    Fully conpostible, sturdy, good size and with handles. Have no complaints about these bags and would recommend them to anybody looking for greener bags for dog waste.

  29. Gabrielle – Excellent environmentally friendly bags

    Being enviro-friendly isn’t the cheapest but these are really good bags. I’d just like then to be on a roll also!

  30. Mr S – Good product!

    Recommend product decent quality and thickness to pick up and dispose of dogs business.

  31. Richard – Fully Compostable!

    I love these poo bags!
    Its hard to find them that are compostable and not just biodegradable.
    I have never had them break, they are a good size – which is important as I have 2 large dogs!! The colour stands out if i drop them too.

  32. John T – Eco friendly and strong

    I wanted to use compostable bags and I am currently on my second box of these bags. I have been happy with the size and strength of the bags, I’ve had no worries about splitting or leaking. I find the tie handles are a good feature to secure the bag. They are fairly straightforward to open, certainly easier than other makes that I have used in the past.

  33. Miss K Barnard

    Great product- a plastic free poop bag that is large enough, has handles and is sufficiently strong.

  34. Simon weston

    Properly plastic free. Guilt free poo bags. These are expensive but I feel better not adding yet more plastic to the world.

  35. Brilliant! And are compostable….

    I don’t have a compost but like that they will go safely into a compost. The are a great size with tie handles and strong. These are definitely ones we will use from now on. Thank you Alpha Pets!


    Fully compostable so a great product. Very good quality and size is perfect. Tie handles very useful and easy to use. Being fully compostable makes these bags the go to for every dog owner.

  37. Amazon Customer

    Strong and durable // Used these for my cats litter tray. Great value for money and strong bags.

  38. Lucy

    Exactly what I was expecting. Very much prefer the handle option. // I’ve tried the non tie handle option which were good, but prefer these as they are easier to carry once in use and as they aren’t on a roll they are quicker to grab and no risk of ripping a bag as you don’t need to separate from the other ones.

  39. Mausi – Best bags around. By far.

    Excellent strong large bags with tie handles which are very important to tie up the bags properly. No handle bags are very tricky to tie. These are brilliant. Will always buy these. Thank you.

  40. Daniel Brown

    The only poo bag you need! I am a dog walker and don’t like contributing to plastic waste. After a lot of research I found these bags which are the only way to go as they are plastic-free and of the highest quality. These are truly biodegradable! The box dispenser is perfect to grab as many bags as you need. They are more expensive than my previous bags but they are worth it for the green credentials and ease of use.

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