Fully Compostable Dog Poop Bags – 960 Earth Friendly Poop Bags In Bulk UK

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Get your compostable dog poo bags in bulk! Grab our pack of 960 large compostable poop bags and rest assured knowing you have the best environmentally friendly dog waste bags.


Fully Compostable Dog Poop Bags – 960 Earth Friendly Poop Bags In Bulk For 9+ Months Supply

Are you an eco-minded dog owner, looking to reduce your pet’s environmental paw print? Make the switch to the Alpha Pets compostable poo bags today! 

Our shop carries the only certified compostable waste bags for dogs (with handles) that are 100% home compostable (and safe for industrial composting). No matter how you dispose of our poop bags, they will 100% degrade.

Made out of plants – and with absolutely no plastic! 

Here at Alpha Pets, we believe in creating earth-friendly products for our beloved fur babies that are sustainable and environmentally-safe, without compromising on quality. And that’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to our saver pack of 960 compostable waste bags.

About Our Fully Compostable Doggy Bags

Box contains: 320 compostable dog poo bags (enough for 3-4 bags per day, for 3+ months)
Each bag measures: 25.5 x 36 cm + an additional 5 cm gusset on each side
Thickness: 17 microns (stronger than the standard 13 or 15 microns bags)
Material: cornstarch (100% plant based, 0 micro-plastics)
Additional features: equipped with handle ties, leak-proof, tear-resistant
Suitable for: small pets and up to medium-large dog breeds
Certifications: EN13432 and ASTM D6400 certified (home composting and industrial composting safe)
Scent: unscented (0 chemicals used in production)

What makes the Alpha Pets Earth Friendly Poop Bags different from other biodegradable poo bags?

Our Alpha Pets pet waste bags are 100% biodegradable AND compostable (via European standards), made out of third-grade spoilt corn, normally a waste product left to rot by farmers.

With absolutely no EPI-additives or micro-plastics, our corn-based bags fully degrade and decompose in 3-12 months (depending on the disposal conditions), nourishing the earth instead of polluting it.

Their composition allows the bags to break down naturally and be consumed as food by microorganisms. Whether the bag of poop is thrown into a trash can or a bin dedicated to composting, it will naturally return to the earth within a few months.

Our ASTM D6400 certification, which is only given to products that actually compost, can vouch for that. Unfortunately, many poop bags that claim to be earth-friendly or biodegradable don’t actually break down within a year, and some never degrade at all. That’s why you need to watch out for what kind of bags you buy!

Products made of plastics that allege to decompose naturally in the environment are often “oxo-biodegradable,” meaning they contain chemical additives (such as EPI) that break down plastic into smaller fragments. Ultimately, these products can cause the same damage to the planet that any other plastic can.

So when it comes to truly earth-friendly single use bags, always choose compostable > biodegradable. Choose Alpha Pets!

How To Dispose Of The Used Bags Correctly:

To get the best results from our compostable plant-based poop bags, you have to dispose of them correctly. Here are a few options you can try:

  • Home composting – Bury it. This option works best if you live in a rural area with space away from the house. Waste should be buried at least five inches underground, away from vegetable gardens and water sources. Look up DIY pet waste composting for more tips.
  • Industrial composting – Transport it to an industrial composting facility near you that accepts pet waste. Because our bags are compostable and certified in Europe, they will be accepted in most facilities.
  • General waste bins – Bag it and bit it! If you can’t compost it, you can also throw the used poo bags in your general waste bins to be taken to the local landfills, where the bags will decompose in 12 months.

Alpha Pets. For those who choose nothing but the best for their pets.

Try our compostable poo bags today and save when you buy in bulk! 

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132 reviews for Fully Compostable Dog Poop Bags – 960 Earth Friendly Poop Bags In Bulk UK

  1. Mausi – Best bags around. By far.

    Excellent strong large bags with tie handles which are very important to tie up the bags properly. No handle bags are very tricky to tie. These are brilliant. Will always buy these. Thank you.

  2. Daniel Brown

    The only poo bag you need! I am a dog walker and don’t like contributing to plastic waste. After a lot of research I found these bags which are the only way to go as they are plastic-free and of the highest quality. These are truly biodegradable! The box dispenser is perfect to grab as many bags as you need. They are more expensive than my previous bags but they are worth it for the green credentials and ease of use.

  3. Ms S Kerr – Great choice if you want to go plastic free

    I was one of those people who thought I was doing the right thing buying biodegradable poo bags until I realised they still contained micro plastics. I was delighted to come across the alpha pets compostable bags and they do the job brilliantly. They are large and strong with tie handles and they come loose which I much prefer to on a roll. I did try another brand of compostable bags but, although slightly cheaper, they were far inferior compared to the alpha pets bags.

  4. MRS CLAIRE BARTON – Better than expected!

    Bags are of better quality than I was expecting. The feel of the bags is very different to the biodegradable poop bags I have bought in the past, they have a softer feel. I was worried that they were too thin and would break but so far so good. Only downside is that they are loose bags and not in rolls which would make dispensing easier. It’s a minor point. Will be purchasing again.

  5. Chuckles – Great dog poop bags

    Good sized dog poop bags, used about 1/3 of the box so far, not one broken or split. Pricy for dog poop bags but you are doing your bit for the environment and not creating plastic waste.

  6. Victoria – Useful

    Good product, buying it because it is compostable and unlike chinese bags that only claim about it but in fact are made of ordinary plastic.
    Though the price is not that “pleasant”, still high at least for me, but 3-4times poo a day makes me think of amount of waste with ordinart bags left by others. Will purchase more.

  7. Meddestane – Best I’ve ever had

    These are genuinely the best dog poo bags I’ve ever bought. And I’ve bought a lot! They are strong, easy to open, properly compostable (not just ‘biodegradable’) and good value. Environmental friendliness need not cost the earth. I will continue to buy these and no others as long as the quality and value is maintained.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Having had dogs all my life (now on third) I’ve always used supermarket nappy bags to clean up ‘their business’ however, saw these online and in an attempt to become more green decided to make the purchase. I have to say they do exactly what you need them to, the bag isn’t thin so there’s no need to double up and as an added bonus they are environmentally friendly. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Alpha Pets!

    Would Definitely Recommend!!!

  9. Amazon Customer

    They are strong & they don’t leak. Great value for money.

  10. Will buy again

    These bags are great to use with a nice soft feel. With 2 greyhounds walked regularly I need something to rely on and this is it. I use them tied around the handle of their leads and it works well. They are a generous size with handles for easy tying and carrying.

  11. sarah stott

    Very good.

  12. alice burnham

    Would recommend. Great poop bags, big enough for whatever size poop…handles are good so you can easily carry until you find a bin. Obviously feels good to know they’ll compost too!

  13. George F – Strong and durable at a good price

    This is the first time I have used compostable poo bags so I was a little concerned they might not be and strong and reliable as the so-called degradable bags I had been using. However, after 2 months of using these bags I am really pleased, there has never been a rip or a push-through (!) and they are large enough to pick up a couple of poos if my greyhounds go at the same time! Good price for compostable bags too.

  14. Best poo bags!! – Gilly

    Love the fact compostable. More expensive than some but well worth the extra! Super quality, a good size and dispense nicely out the box. Best poo bags I’ve found – and I’ve tried a few! Most important is they are kinder to the environment – definitely a win win!!

  15. E. M. Pearce

    Compostible Dog Poo Bags

    I wanted compostable non-plastic bags, rather than the supposedly biodegradable ones (which only break down into tiny plastic pieces), so these were just the job. In addition, they have a really useful tie handle.

  16. guen

    Perfect for me and the planet

  17. Great Poo Bgas

    Ordered these as couldn’t get any locally and had almost run out.
    These bags are excellent, big enough to cope with any amount of poo. Have a very large dog. None of the ones we have used so far have ripped. Hopefully being made from corn starch better than the so called bio-degradable plastic ones. Really satisfied with the bags

  18. JRaj

    These bags are great value. They’re strong and leak proof whilst also being biodegradable, exactly what I needed!

  19. steven eves

    They are soft and very pliable. I always purchase biodegradable bags and these seem to be some of the best ones I’ve ever had highly recommended.

  20. Amazon Customer

    Great even for large dogs. They are strong and big enough to use for a large dog. Well worth it for the peace of mind that they are fully compostable.

  21. Deborah Dee

    They are what they say they are … Despite so many dog poo bags being marked as biodegradable and better for the planet, I have consistently found they actually contain plastic. Having read the box on these I am happy that they are actually made from ingredients that will break down pretty quickly. However, when in use I have no concerns about the quality or robustness of them … even for my DDB!

  22. L/T – Amazon buyer

    Excellent poo bag in convenient box. Great quality and compostable.
    Use these for my cat. Bag is strong – haven’t had one tear yet.
    The best thing about them is they are compostable which is why I bought them.

  23. SJ

    The bags come in a handy box to quickly grab a bag when needed. The bags can be tricky to open, but they do the job and tie at the top. Only tested with 5 month old puppy so short walks and collecting waste in the garden. Would be great if they were black! Would recommend as they do the job you need without leaving plastic.

  24. LS

    Good quality, not too thin.

  25. Best I’ve Found

    Finally a fully compostable (not just biodegradable) bag made of corn starch. These do not tear and dont stick together. They come separately, not on a roll, so easy to grab. Love these.

  26. Environmentally responsible

    Best environmentally friendly poo bags I’ve found. – Dave

  27. Springer owner

    So pleased to find actual compostable bags as opposed to bio-degradable bags which disintegrate into tiny pieces of plastic that harm the environment even more than normal bags. They feel soft and are easy to separate and open. Strong enough that they don’t split and large enough for medium and large dogs.

  28. Avalon

    Bought these as I find it ridiculous that we put a biodegradable product in a plastic bag. Most eco bags are not actually that eco friendly when you look closely. These were surprisingly strong for compostable bags, I have had no leaks or tears, so definitely recommend

  29. R.J.

    I have been trying a number of more eco friendly dog poo bags and these are much the best. They are completely compostable and although I don’t have a home compost heap I like to think that they will eventually degrade without leaving any micro plastics. They are strong with good size handles that are long enough to tie up, and they also separate and open easily. The box is well designed so that the bags are dispensed individually. It’s hard to get excited by poo bags but I would recommend these!

  30. Worth the price

    Although they are a little pricey, I would buy again. They are large enough and very leak proof.


    Great product. Eco friendly – so 5 stars.

  32. Timbob

    We need to buy compostable not biodegradeable – these are just great. I read that biodegradeable bags still broke down to plastics which then of course enter the environment forever.

    Apparently compostable bags don’t, so I’m glad I found these.

    The material they’re made from make them lightweight but very easy to open as there’s a slight tackiness to them.
    I’ll only use these from now on.

  33. A

    Best compostable bags I’ve tried so far.

  34. Jan Fitter

    Large, strong and plastic free. Large, strong and leak proof. Very pleased with these poo bags and they are excellent value for money, and even more importantly, they are plastic free!

  35. Rich

    Easy to open large tie handle bags. Large very easy to open tie handle bags with the peace of mind that they’re not plastic.
    Came in a box that now sits at the bottom of the stairs. The bags almost open when taking them out and putting in your pocket which is brilliant If you’re anything like me who battles to open other bags when out on a walk. Happy with purchase.

  36. Paul Simon

    Easy to use – both to dispense and to tie up. This is my third box now of these compostable dog poo bags. I’ve tried other cheaper ones but they’ve been harder to unroll and open and have been thinner. Yes they are a bit expensive but they do decompose rather than break down into micro fragments of plastic.

  37. Sarah

    Great bags – will definitely buy again! Great size, with tie handles, not one has broken and helping the environment too – success!

  38. Mrs Sally Courtney

    My all-time favourite poo bags! These are my all time favourite poo bags!
    They are fully compostable (I hate to think of the amount of non-compostable poo bags that I have personally sent to landfill!), a great thickness, have perfectly sized opening, are big enough for a big poop and have tie handles!
    The only thing that I have to complain about is that sometimes they are out of stock (I must be more organised when it comes to poo bag buying!), but this is clearly because they are so good.
    If I can help it I will never buy another make of poo bag again.

  39. Paulw

    Genuine bio-degradable bags – Great genuinely environmentally friendly product. I hadn’t realised that the supposedly bio-degradable poo bags I had been buying before contained plastic. I hope as more people switch to fully compostable bags the price will come down.

  40. The best bags I’ve found

    I’ve bought these several times, decent sized strong bags that are fully compostable.

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