Reusable Puppy Pee Pads – Pack of 2 Large Eco-Friendly Washable Pee Mats For Dogs

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Save your carpets while saving the planet! 🌍 Switch over to our reusable and re-washable puppy pads today and never use a single-use disposable puppy mat ever again.

Join the green revolution and save 💸 on puppy training mats with Alpha Pets! 

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Tired of using those poorly made blue training pee pads for your puppy, and waking up to a big puddle right next to it? No longer amused by your young dog moving and chewing disposable pads, only for you to need to buy pack after pack until they reach adulthood? 

Switch over to the Alpha Pets Reusable Puppy Pee Pads! 

We’re better for the planet and kinder on your pocket! 

Inside the box you will get:

  • Two large (80 x 90 cm) reusable mats 🗺️ 🗺️
  • Zero-plastic packaging box that is recyclable ♻️

About our Eco-Friendly Puppy Training Pads:

  • Reusable & durable ♻️
  • Machine washable up to 200 times per mat
  • Wash at 90℃ and tumble dry low
  • Extra-large, so your pup can’t miss it! 
  • Ultra-absorbent 4-layer design 💧
  • Comfortable quilt cover 
  • Waterproof backing and leak-proof
  • Non-slip base for extra comfort 
  • An earth-friendly alternative to single-use mats 💚

Our multi-purpose mats can be used as:

  • Training mats for housebreaking puppies
  • Incontinence mats for older dogs with bladder control issues
  • Crate liners for extra comfort 
  • Food & water bowl mat 
  • Furniture or flooring protection 
  • Travel & car mats for doggies suffering from car sickness
  • Seat cover mat for a dog-hair free car
  • Dog bed covers
  • Easy-clean kennel covers or liners
  • Also suitable for guinea pigs, rabbits, or other domestic pets 


Say bye to messy clean-ups and hello to a new way of life. Get a pack today and stop 400 single-use mats from ending up in landfills this year!

Here’s to an accident free-home for eco-conscious pet owners!

Try our reusable eco-friendly puppy pads today!

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Weight 2 kg

17 reviews for Reusable Puppy Pee Pads – Pack of 2 Large Eco-Friendly Washable Pee Mats For Dogs

  1. Lady C – Absorbs really well

    This pack of two puppy training pads comes with highly absorbent top and non-slip bottom with cute paw prints. The pads do absorb liquid quickly and does not go through to the bottom. Very easy to clean with washing machine, looks and feel durable. They are not cheap at £13 each but they are high quality pads, which I think they do worth the price.

  2. Good quality, absorbent mats.

    The mats are great for puppy training and catching spills after the training has moved on from mates.

    They are absorbent, can easily cope with the amount even a big puppy pees and can be washed when needed so not only do they save you money they save all those mats, which like nappies have a very long lifespan in landfill ending up in landfill.

    These are also good to use in the bottom of indoor rabbits/ Guinea pigs cages.

  3. Benjamin – Really decent!

    A pack of two puppy pads that are reusable.

    They’re a great size and will be ideal for puppy training or if you had a litter of puppies.

    They can be machine washed also.

    Great price, I would recommend.

  4. Good sized toilet mats, that can be reused again and again

    Alpha Pets Reusable Puppy Pads – Pack of 2 LARGE 90x80cm Washable & Waterproof Dog Training Pads, Incontinence Pee Mats, Pet Travel & Puppy Toilet Training

    The product I received was a pack of 2x pet toilet mats.

    These mats are a good size, 90cmx80cm, and are in a lovely thick material with a non-slip base. The pads are made up of layers – a quilted top layer, an absorbent layer and a waterproof layer to allow for up to 1.5l of liquids to be fully absorbed without leaking through. The good thing about these mats are that they are fully washable (maker claims up to 200 washes) at 90℃. I washed one at a lower temperature (40℃) and found the mat still cleaned up well, you can then tumble dry on a low heat or hang to dry.

    These toilet mats are on the higher price point, however you are getting two good sized toilet mats, in a good quality material that you can reuse again and again. What’s not to like.

  5. UK Reviewer – Great absorbing pad

    Worth Every Penny!
    Great absorbency, the pad was heavy afterwards BUT not one drop seeped thru on my hardwood floors.

    Would recommend

  6. Akex – Impressed with the quality

    I needed pads for my two dogs to chill at home and these are absolutely brilliant! Very large in size and fluffy. I’ll probably order a few spare ones, to have for when dog friends visit.

  7. Yvonne – Great pads

    Firstly I love that these come in a cardboard box and don’t have any unnecessary plastic bags and wrapping.

    The non-slip backing on these is super cute being in the shape of paw prints.
    I use these pad in my guinea pigs cage and have used 3-4 different brands in the last year. The downside to these for me is that like one other brand I bought they have a slightly fuzzy top layer that the guinea pigs fur (they’re long-haired) clings to as do bits of hay. I can’t mark them down for this though as they aren’t being marketed for guinea pigs and rabbits.

    The other important feature of these is that they can be tumble dried which is essential for me in the winter months.

  8. Debbie M – Amazon Reviewer

    Brilliant for a puppy, quite big but can just fold them.

  9. Amazon UK Reviewer – Superb for accidents

    We have found these brill for our new pup and our elderly dog who is having odd accidents on the dog bed, the pup will use this during the day saving us money on puppy pads & with the weather they are washed and dried within an hour! The older dog has adjusted to one of these on the dog bed and helped us big time when they had an accident on the dog bed the dog bed takes hours and hours to dry but not an issue any more with this on.

  10. Mrs. Hatter – Brilliant for the Price

    These are of course more expensive than standard throw away ones priced per pad but once you take into account the reusable feature they become pretty good value and also of course have the fantastic benefit of being much better for the environment. Really pleased with them as good quality and decent size so would get again and happily recommend.

  11. Luxury quality. Washes well. Grippy base.

    These are absolutely brilliant quality. They’re like real Blankets, they’re thick and feel quiet cushion whilst on the floor. The base has useful grippy bits on that stop them sliding around.

    These are brilliant for older dogs or sick dogs who may have accidents. I wouldn’t advocate using pads for toilet training as that isn’t my preferred method for such training. But each to their own. These hold a lot of wet and absorb it all in, which keeps things clean.

    These wash really well and come out as good as new after following the washing instructions.

    They’ve been made to a high standard. Like I said, just like a proper blanket / rug which makes me understand the higher price point and I feel its a fair price.

  12. Jill – VINE VOICE

    I prefer the washable puppy pads to the disposable ones mainly because I don’t get up to find a lot of shredded soggy pads all over. These are good quality and a good size. Sturdy enough to stay where they are put, non slip so they don’t slide about on the tiled floor and they absorb the wee quickly with no leakage. Being the colour of grass just adds to the good points they already have. These are definitely fit for purpose, the right shape and size, wash brilliantly and tick every box. Highly recommended.

  13. Woody

    The material they are made of is almost like a felt so the dog hairs get stuck to them really easily, so you have to clean the dog hair off before washing,
    Also the back are not very non slip.
    But it does what it says and works well as a pee pad!

  14. 5 out of 5 stars – Fabulous absorbency

    Fabulous absorbency, no leaks despite multiple wees. The grippers on the back really help prevent any movement and are in little cute paw shapes which is a nice touch. I’ve tried many brands over the years and these are one of my favourites as they’re slightly bigger than all I’ve bought and feel very thick/durable. So far they’ve washed well but I always hang to dry. I’d buy again.

  15. Much better than expected

    Nicely presented in a box… not folded up in plastic bag!
    Very high quality. -Feel soft to the touch too.

    I used both these to cover floor space in my dog/puppy pen…they over lapped abit..but the bottom is a slippery cage tray, yet these mats dint move one bit… the non slip on the bottoms are really good. even when my girl was digging at them!

    No leaks from them. And easy to wash too!

  16. Sjuzanna – Top 1000 Pet Product Reviewer

    Good purchase for such price.
    Definetly need to have them in house when puppy is born.
    Good size of pads and they are reusable and washable.
    Very happy with them.
    So surely can recommend it to all.

  17. Large Size – Superb Absorbency ✅

    These puppy pads are a real ‘must have’ in my opinion.

    We have been looking after an abandoned puppy, for a local charity. The disposable variety work out so much more expensive. These pads can be washed and reused, making them so much greener, and not ending up in land fill. We haven’t had any problems with absorbency from them.

    The current purchase price is £26.99 for a twin pack. I have seen others available cheaper, however these are 90 x 80cm, twice the size of most others. Overall I would certainly recommend trying them.

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