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Best Indoor Cat Furniture For Playing & Scratching

Where To Find Durable Cat Furniture For Large Cats?

Is your cat using your sofa as a scratching post? Or have you come home from work to find your cat perched on a kitchen cabinet? If your feline friend is all over your furnishings it’s the perfect time to start looking for the best cat furniture. 

While most people think of cat furniture as a luxury, it’s far more than that. For indoor-only cats, cat furniture is a necessity and means by which they can exercise, play, and have fun.

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Cats have instinctual needs to jump, climb, scratch, and explore heights safely, so a sturdy cat tree is a must. But, besides a cat tower, there are several other pieces of cat furniture you need to think about.

In this article, I’ll share my top picks of cat furniture for scratching and playing, and help you find the best cat furniture for your kitty. 

Best Indoor High-Quality Cat Furniture Reviewed

Whether you are looking for a large cat gym, a sturdy cat tower, or a cat tree house you are at the right place. Let’s take a look at reviews of my favorite quality cat furniture for playing, jumping, and scratching. 

1. Large Breed Cat Condo Tower – Best Cat Furniture

Large Breed Cat Condo Tower - CatsPlay Superstore
From $299

This heavy duty cat tree is built to last and has very large perches as well as platforms that can withstand the biggest of cats or multiple cat households.


This Large Breed Cat Condo Tower is a great choice if you are looking for premium quality cat furniture. Built for extra-large cat breeds like Maine Coon, this cat tree is also ideal for multi-cat households.

Key Features:

  • Measuring 24 x 24 x 65 inches 
  • Made from solid wood and household grade carpet
  • Unoiled sisal rope scratching post

Handcrafted in the USA, using the highest quality materials, this heavy-duty cat tower is made to last. The three large perches are strong enough to support large cats and can serve for jumping and resting. 

The tower is covered in plush carpeting and has a sisal scratching post that your cat can use to sharpen its claws. 

2. CatsMode Hexagon Cat Wooden Shelf – Best Cat Shelves

Cat Wooden Shelf Dark Walnut | CatsMode
From $55

Hexagon Cat Shelves are a great solution for small spaces and busy households with many kids. They look great on the wall, save space and create a perfect personal spot for your cats, where they can play, hide and rest with no one bothering them.

They are made of eco-friendly materials.


This Hexagon Cat Wooden Shelf is a functional piece of cat furniture and will create vertical space for your kitty to jump, climb, and explore. 

Key Features:

  • Measuring 17.9 x 15.5 x 10.8 inches
  • Made of natural birch plywood
  • Easy assembly

Made from eco-friendly materials, these cute cat shelves are ideal for small homes and look great on a wall. These hexagons create vertical surfaces for your kitty to jump, climb, explore, play, or rest comfortably. 

3. Cats Town Tower With Scratcher – Best Cat Playgrounds

Cats Town Tower with Scratcher Gray 7240 - CatsPlay Superstore

This tower encourages your cat to be healthy, happy and active! Watch as kitty engages in energetic activity, scratching the sisal covered posts or climbing in.


If you are looking for a cat-scratching activity center, look no further than the Cats Town Tower with Scratcher made by CatsPlay Furniture.

Key Features:

  • Measuring 64 x 46 x 56 inches
  • Fabric components can be hand washed
  • Multi-purpose cat-friendly furniture

Designed to encourage your kitty to play, scratch, sleep, lounge, jump, explore, hide, or climb, this cat tower serves as a multi-purpose activity center. Sisal-covered posts will keep your cat’s claws sharp and playing with a dangling toy will provide hours of fun.

4. Wall Cat Scratcher – Best Furniture For Cats With Claws

Cat Wall Scratcher Dark Walnut | CatsMode
From $54.50

Wall Scratcher for your cat is a great saver for your space. It will also make any interior look even better. Scratcher for your Cat – decor for people.

Durable and functional designs that last for ages!


The CatsMode Wall Cat Scratcher can help you keep your furniture safe from kitty claws. This wall-mounted scratcher is a great alternative for traditional scratching posts and is ideal for small homes.

Key Features:

  • Measuring 23.6 x 15.7 inches
  • Made from birch plywood and carpet
  • Comes in several interior design-friendly colors

The best scratching post for small spaces is made from carpet that shreds less than cardboard and creates less mess. At 23.6 inches, this scratcher is long enough to accommodate your cat’s vertical reach, but it’s thin enough so it won’t block the path wherever you decide to place it.

5. BEWISHOME Cat Tower Furniture – Best Cat Tower For Large Cats

The BEWISHOME Cat Tower Furniture is an amazing choice if you are looking for cat towers for big cats. Sturdy and stable, this cat tower has a solid construction and a wide base that prevents wobbling.

Key Features:

  • Measuring 24.02 x 20.1 x 57.1 inches
  • Comes with a wall anchor strap
  • Made from CARB P2 grade environmental board and plush fabric covering

Featuring cushioned large platforms, two spacious condos, sisal scratching posts, and plenty of room to lounge around, this sturdy cat tower for large cats is a sound investment. In addition to providing climbing, jumping, and scratching surfaces, this multi-purpose cat tree is large and stable enough for multi-cat households and large cats.

6. MaxScratch Oversized Cat Scratching Post and Perch

MaxScratch Oversized Cat Scratching Post and Perch - CatsPlay Superstore

The MaxScratch offers cats and kittens a sizeable scratching post for climbing, clawing and perching. And it's is wrapped with natural jute rope!


If your cat has a habit of scratching your furniture, you’ll need to find the best cat scratching post before your sofa ends up shredded to pieces. The MaxScratch Scratching Post is suitable for kittens and adult cats and can be used for climbing, perching, and scratching.

Key Features: 

  • Measuring 29 x 9 x 19 inches
  • Non-slip feet on the bottom
  • Made from natural jute rope

Featuring a sturdy base and an oversized column wrapped in natural jute rope, this top cat scratching post offers an ultimate scratching experience. The sturdy base and non-slip feet keep the scratching post firmly on the ground and prevent it from wobbling or tipping over.

Best of all, this scratching post can be flipped over for prolonged use. You’ll only need to remove the top and the base, flip the post and reassemble. 

7. Hexagon Cat House – Ultimate Cat Condo

Hexagon Cat House Dark Walnut | CatsMode
From $149.00

Amazing apartment decor and attention spot in the house. Even more: you can order a personalized wooden panel for the House.


Looking for a cute and cozy place for your kitty to retreat and sleep in after a day filled with exacting adventures? Check out the CatsMode Hexagon Cat House – a secure and comfortable cat condo that comes in interior design-friendly colors. 

Key Features:

  • Measuring 20.7 x 18.2 x 12.9 inches
  • Made of birch plywood 
  • Available in six colors

This cute cat condo by CatsMode is designed to create a cozy and private area for your cat to rest and sleep in. The house is made of birch plywood and you can customize its look by adding a window or choosing a side panel with a cat face-shaped hole that will work as an entry/exit door. 

But that’s not all! You can also get a special stand for a cat house, which features a feeder on one side and a scratcher on the other side. 

8. Love’s Cabin Round Donut Cat Bed – Best Cat Bed For Large Cats

The Love’s Cabin Round Donut Cat Bed offers a safe, cozy, and warm sleeping and resting place for a large cat. This nest-like bed can be a good alternative for the best cat condo for large cats because its raised edges surround the cat and promote feelings of security.

Key Features:

  • Measures 19.7 x 19.7 x 5.9 inches
  • Machine washable
  • Non-slip bottom

Made from premium quality cut-pile fabric and stuffed with soft suede fabric, this cat bed offers supreme comfort and warmth to your cat. The donut design will surround your cat completely, promoting feelings of security and comfort. 

This bed is ideal for cats weighing up to 15 pounds. To keep the bed clean, just wash it in a washing machine on a gentle cycle and tumble dry on low heat.  

A Final Word On The Best Furniture For Cats

Cat furniture isn’t a luxury, but a necessity! Without access to the best cat furniture, indoor cats don’t have the opportunity to exercise. And lack of exercise can affect your cat’s health and behavior.

All cats have instinctual needs to jump, climb, scratch, and perch on high vantage points. Without the chance to do all these things your cat will try to get the most out of your furniture. 

To prevent your cat from scratching your sofa or jumping on the cabinets, invest in cat play stands that will fulfill your feline’s instinctual needs.

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