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Best Corgi Mom Gift Ideas – Unique Corgi Dog Gifts

Funny Corgi Themed Gifts for Dog Owners

Corgis are small-sized dogs best known for their fox-like appearance, short legs, and long bodies. Corgis are so cute that it’s virtually impossible to find anything but adorable corgi-themed gifts for yourself or a corgi lover in your life.

Whether you own a corgi or are searching for corgi-related gifts for a friend, there are many cute gifts to choose from. But, if you have never had a dog, you may have trouble picking out a perfect corgi-inspired present for your friend.

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If you are uninspired or lack experience shopping for a corgi lover, you’ve come to the right place. This article will share our favorite corgi-themed gifts that are bound to be an instant hit with corgi lovers.

17 Corgi Gifts for Corgi Lovers

From corgi-shaped silicone bottle stoppers to corgi-themed necklaces and scrunchies, there are various corgi owner gifts to choose from. Here’s the greatest selection of cute and unique corgi gifts that will excite every corgi owner. 

1. Corgi Mug Set

This corgi mom mug makes an excellent gift for all corgi moms who like to drink coffee or tea. Made from high-quality white ceramic, these 15 oz mugs feature an easy to grip C-handle. This adorable and hilarious corgi-themed ceramic mug is microwave and dishwasher-safe for convenience. 

The imprinted design on the mug reads: “Proud parent of a Corgi that is sometimes an asshole and that’s ok” making this mug an ideal present for female corgi owners. 

2. Inspired Rose Gold Corgi Mom Charm Necklace

If you’re looking for corgi Christmas gifts, check out this charming Corgi Mom Rose Gold Necklace. This Christmas gift idea measures approximately 2 inches in diameter and features a geometric Corgi pattern, making it an ideal holiday present for corgi moms.

Made from brass, topped with a rose gold tone, and completed with a shiny matching chain, the ornament will look great around the neck of a beloved Corgi owner.

3. Inspired Corgi Christmas Tree Charm Ornament

If Christmas is just around the corner, there is no better gift that an amusing Corgi-themed tree ornament. This unique wooden ornament lasts for years to come and it can brighten up any space, making it a must-have for a dog owner’s home.

Help your Corgi lover start their collection now, with this adorable novelty gift.

4. Sun-E Corgi Flower Pot

The corgi flower pot by Sun-E makes an excellent present for corgi lovers who are into plants and gardening. Measuring 5 x 4 x 2.4 inches, this set contains two decorative flower pots ideal for micro gardening. These cute corgi dog gifts are waterproof and made of raisin.

5. Love Corgi Dog Woman’s T-Shirt

The Thread Tank Store Love Corgi Dog Woman’s T-Shirt is the cutest corgi mom shirt. This T-shirt comes in three colors – navy, tan, and rouge and in several sizes. The shirt is made from a cotton/polyester blend and features a comfortable fit with short sleeves and a crew neck.

If you’re looking for a more subtle gift that can be a part of their weekly outfits, this is the one! 

6. Corgi Coloring Book

Are you looking for artistic and funny corgi gifts? Check out this Corgi Coloring Book that portrays the adventures of Scamp, the corgi. From exploring nature to lazing around, this coloring book takes you into Scamp’s world and encourages you to make it more colorful. 

To make this corgi gift complete, throw in a set of colored pencils so your corgi-loving friend can come with Scamp on his adventures right away.

7. Socksmith Women’s Corgi Crew Socks

The Socksmith Women’s Corgi Crew Socks are among the most popular corgi gifts on Amazon and make an excellent present for corgi moms. These cute socks are available in three colors – black, emerald, and red. 

Made from a blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex, these socks are machine washable and fit shoe sizes from 5 to 10.5.

8. Happie Hare Corgi Scrunchies

The Happie Hare Corgi Scrunchies are an adorable and stylish corgi-themed accessory for women. Coming in sets of four, these cut scrunchies are available in many color combinations and will compliment any outfit. 

Easy to twist and elastic, these crunchies are great for keeping straight and curly hair in a ponytail and are a practical gift for stylish corgi moms.

9. Corgi Mug with Bamboo Lid

Handcrafted using high-quality clay, this Corgi Mug with Bamboo Lid is designed to keep coffee, tea, or any other hot beverage warm. Coming in three different colors, black, white, and yinqui, these mugs feature a realistic-looking corgi on the side and on a bamboo lid. 

Both decorative and practical, this mug has a 14 oz capacity and is a cute gift for corgi owners.

10. Corgi Pop Socket for Phones

If you’re looking for a funny corgi gift, the Corgi Butt Swappable Grip for Phones is a perfect choice. This pop grip comes in black color with a black base and a print of a corgi’s butt. This pop socket can extend for watching videos or taking photos and collapse for making calls. 

11. Hardcover Corgi Notebook

The elegant and stylish Hardcover Corgi Notebook is perfectly sized to fit in a purse or a backpack but is sturdy enough to be used as a journal, daily planner, or business ledger. This notebook features a faux leather cover and has 96 smooth sheets (192 pages) of white-lined paper.

The debossed image of a corgi on the front cover and patterned design of corgis on the flyleaf make this notebook a perfect present for corgi lovers.

12. Corgi Tote Bag by Pet Studio Art

This Corgi Tote Bag is hand-printed with original artwork designed by Pet Studio Art. Made from eco-friendly cotton, this bag can be used as a grocery tote, beach bag, or everyday tote. Measuring 14 x 14 inches, the corgi-inspired tote is easy to maintain, just hand wash it in cold water and hang it to dry. 

13. TrueZoo Corki Bottle Stopper

Practical and funny, the TrueZoo Corki Bottle Stopper will add a touch of originality to a bar cart. Made in the shape of a corgi, this colorful orange silicone bottle stopper will guard your liquor. The stopper features self-sealing silicone ridges that create an air-tight seal to prevent the alcohol from evaporating overnight.

14. Sumgar Animal Wall Art

The Sumgar Animal Wall Art makes a modern and artsy corgi-themed gift that goes well with minimalistic, modern, and rustic house décor. Created by professional designers, this art canvas has the inscription “Home is where my corgi is” and a printed corgi. 

The canvas is hand-stretched on a sturdy frame and comes with a metal hook already mounted on the wooden bar. 

15. Fxaelian Corgi Eye Mask

This Corgi Eye Mask is a fantastic gift for corgi moms. The lightweight and cozy sleeping mask is made from plush polyester and can be used at home, or on travel trips. It measures 7.8 x 8.1 inches, and blocks the light completely, encouraging restful sleep. 

16. Incorgnito Women’s Baseball Cap

This cute and stylish Incorgnito Women’s Baseball Cap is a perfect addition to a corgi mom’s wardrobe. It is made from 100% cotton, has an adjustable snap closure, built-in sweatband wicks, and fits most head sizes. This baseball cap makes a great corgi dog gift for an outdoorsy corgi dog mom who likes outdoor activities.

17. Feelmem Corgi Dog Zipper

This cute-looking Corgi Dog Zipper Pull Charm looks great on any bag and makes a stylish accessory for corgi moms. Cut out in a shape of a corgi, this zipper pull charm won’t tarnish or change color over time. This small charm makes a perfect gift for corgi moms on any occasion. 

Wrapping Up Corgi Dog Gifts

Funny and sassy corgis make lovely companions to many people and are one of the most popular pets. If you have a corgi lover in your life, you can’t go wrong by presenting them with a corgi-themed gift, regardless of the occasion. But, finding a perfect corgi-inspired gift isn’t easy if you know little about dogs.

Luckily, there are many fantastic corgi dog gifts for every occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries and holidays. Whether you are looking for a cute, funny, unique, or stylish gift for a corgi lover, this article has you covered.

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Best Corgi Mom Gift Ideas – Unique Corgi Dog Gifts

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