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Best US Subscription Boxes For Dogs In 2023 – Pet Subscription Gift Boxes With Reviews

Gift treat toys boxes for dogs UK US

Top 16 Dog Subscription Boxes With Toys, Treats & More

Self-care is important. By subscribing to and sending yourself a monthly box of goodies, you are practicing one the more indulging forms of self-care.

But what about pet-care? Just like you, your dog can benefit from receiving new and exciting gifts every month that are catered specifically to them their needs.

Help your pup achieve ultimutt happiness by treating them to these pet subscription gift boxes that vary based on your dog’s age, weight, breed, and more!

This post includes affiliate links. If you buy something through us, we may earn a small commission.

To make your job easier, we’ve rounded up and reviewed the best monthly dog boxes that range from pet care, food, extra treats, exciting toys and more.

Best US Subscription Boxes For Dogs

1. Pooch Perks Premium Customized Dox Box

Price: $7 – $45/box (depending on size and variation of products)

What’s Included: With the Popular Pooch dog subscription box, your pup will be treated to a combination of 5-6 items including toys, treats, and accessories from small US businesses. In the Pampered Pooch Box, you will receive 3-4 toys, 3 treats, 3 chews, 1 poop bag roll, and an accessory.

Why Choose Pooch Perks: Options, options, and more options! Pooch Perks offers so many different types of pre-made boxes that choosing one feels like your customizing it yourself. All-Natural, Grain-Free, durable, treats only, toys only, bi-monthly, and quarterly are just a few of the ways you can customize this box to fit perfectly with the needs of your pet.

POOCH PERKS BOX REVIEW: “Thank you so much for making my boy so happy! We always have a hard time finding toys durable enough and usually end up having to throw so many out because he’s such a strong chewer! He LOVES his new box and has been walking around all day with his new toys! Better than Barkbox!!”

2. BarkBox Themed Monthly Box For Dogs

BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box | Dog Chew Toys, All Natural Dog Treats

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Price: $22/box

What’s Included: Each BarkBox includes 2 unique toys, 2 all-natural treat bags, and a chew treat for your dog. Monthly subscription boxes follow a new fun theme every month that your pup’s items will follow. Australian Outbark, The Muttcracker, and Chewrassic Bark are just a few examples of past BarkBox Themes.

Why Choose BarkBox: When it comes to the best dog subscription boxes, BarkBox is at the forefront of the industry! Because many of the items included are exclusive to BarkBox subscription holders, your pup receives unique toys and treats that you cannot find in your local pet store.

Where to buy: From BarkBox or order yours from Amazon

BARKBOX REVIEW: “Whenever this box comes in the mail, my dog knows… She rips open the box with excitement if I leave it unattended for a moment. The toys last long compared to some of the cheap toys I buy at other stores. They are tough and durable, but she does get through them. (She is a medium-size dog.)”

3. PETure Perfect – Custom Pet Box With Portrait

Price: $27

What’s Included: Month by month you will receive beautiful items featuring this a personalized image which is a hand-drawn portrait of your pet (maybe a mug, notebook or coaster – they want you to keep coming back for more surprises). You can change your photo every 3 months to keep things fresh! This is definitely one of those boxes that’s more for owners than it is for pets, but it’s highly worth it!

Why PETure Perfect: Commissioning custom illustration of your pet, and having them printed on every-day use products, can easily come to $50-$100 per portrait/item. By subscribing to this box, you get access to a designer with 10 years of experience, and you get the added element of surprize and delight with each delivery.

BOX REVIEW: “Wow, it is so much fun! I am 3 months in and I am enjoying it so much. The illustration of my sweet dog is adorable and really captured his look that I love so much. The items sent are high quality and beautifully printed.

4. Super Chewer – Durable Dog Stuff Monthly Box

Super Chewer - Durable Dog Toys & Heavy Duty Treats Monthly Subscription Box

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Price: Starts at $29/month. Varies per dog breed and size.

What’s Included: The Super Chewer BarkBox comes with two strong durable toys, two full-size bags of treats, and two meaty, all-natural chews.

Why Choose Pet Plate: If your dog has a powerful jaw and an obsession with chewing, this is the box for you. The Super Chewer contains 100% fluff-free toys made primarily with strong rubber and nylon. Also, if your dog destroys a toy that’s meant to be “indestructible”, Super Chewer will replace it for free at any time, no questions asked. You can sign up for a 6 months or a yearly plan.

SUPER CHEWER REVIEW:I am loving Super Chewer and so is my dog! The toys, chews, and treats are perfect for her size and since she’s so hard on her toys to find a company that suits her needs and can withstand her is amazing! Some of her new favorite toys have come from here now. I started out on a 6 month plan but will definitely be extending that.

5. Nylabone Chew Toy Dog Surprise Box

Price: Under $15 a box

What’s Included: – Every dog chew bundle features a special variety of Power Chew toys in unique shapes, fun colors, and tail-wagging textures your dog will love.

Why Choose BoxDog:  This dog chew variety pack includes 4 exciting Nylabone chew toys chosen for your dog’s size and expertly designed to satisfy their natural instinct to chew.

Where to buy: Get from Amazon

BOX REVIEW: Bought this for a new four month old puppy (it was the size of our 3 lb puppy!). Although big in size the puppy loved chewing the different material strings. My one year pup also loved this toy! He liked chewing it and shaking it. A big hit in our pup filled house. Had this about 2-3 months and still fully intact (that is a big deal since my older pups love to destroy toys!)

6. PupJoy Puppy Box

Best eco-friendly box
PupJoy - Honest, Healthy High-quality Dog Goods from Socially Responsible Makers
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Price: Varies depending on product choice and frequency of delivery

What’s Included: PupJoy offers a wide range of product and box options. Their pre-chosen and customizable boxes include treats, toys, gear, food toppers, chews, and some CBD products.

Why Choose PupJoy: PupJoy has one of the more customizable options with customers choosing everything from product categories to the exact frequency at which boxes are delivered. They have every new member fill out a puppy profile that helps them choose the brands and ingredients that best fit your dog’s needs. Something that is also unique about PupJoy is their emphasis on sustainability in the products they provide!

BOX REVIEW: “I’ve tried other subscription dog boxes for my Pitt Bull rescues and they both love everything, despite the fact that they are very picky. I got two chew toys, healthy treats, and a bully stick that I cut in half so they’d each have one. The toys last despite the fact that they are serious chewers. I’ve cancelled other subscriptions finding I could get better products individually for a better price, but not this one with Pup Joy. This subscription is a keeper!” (source: Cratejoy reviewer)

7. WagWell Box – Cratejoy’s Organic and All-Natural Monthly Dog Box

Price: $33/Box – Use code WAG20 at checkout to save 20% off your first box.

What’s Included: WagWell Box is the subscription box for the health-conscious dog lover, that includes premium quality items that are both healthy and fun such as: 2 FULL size bags of USA-Made ORGANIC Treats made with simple wholesome ingredients, 2 All-Natural Bully Sticks with no additives, dog toys, bandanas and more. See what was included in previous boxes here.

BOX REVIEW: “My pups love their WagWell box! I love that I don’t need to worry about any chemicals in the treats! I mean who wants to give their dog a bone that was bleached? There were enough treats for both my dogs. They were all well-received. Love the bandanna as well. Super cute and Instagram worthy.”

8. Paws & Pour – Date Night Box For Dog And Owner

Price: Starts at $39/month

What’s Included: Paws & Pour brings you a monthly, specially curated subscription box, with 4-6 goodies for YOU & your DOG, CAT or BOTH! It includes fun & unique wine & seasonal themed meowchandise for both your pet and you to enjoy. Check out their past boxes here to get an idea of the spread of goodies included.

Why Paws & Pour: If you’re a wine lover, and a pet owner – this box is a no brainer pick for you. When included, wine is only for dogs & cats. Wine themed goodies & related products for hoomans. So you can have a date night with your pet, and pour them a glass of dog-friendly wine too!

BOX REVIEW:Ordered the dog subscription box. Took the time to answer the questionnaire and glad I did, box came with not only wine and dog themed stuff we both loved but items from my favorite sports team and in my favorite color. Didn’t feel like it was mass sent to anyone who subscribes, but it was made for me. Highly recommend!

9. Pet Plate – Dog Food Subscription

Pet Plate - Personalised Doggy Meal Plans Delivered On An On-Going Basis
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Price: Varies per dog breed, weight, and activity level

What’s Included: Pet Plate is a meal subscription service for dogs delivered bi-weekly. It includes up to four different meat-based meals portioned accordingly for easy serving. Their meat options are chicken, beef, turkey, and lamb.

Why Choose Pet Plate: Pet Plate’s meal service subscription is unique to previously mentioned dog subscription boxes! They offer a personalized and pre-cooked meal plan that consists of only the top graded ingredients. Pet Plate promises quality meals that are so healthy even a human could eat it! Literally. All Pet Plate ingredients and facilities are USDA certified (although, it is not recommended that you eat your dog’s food). Get 30% off your first delivery.

PET PLATE REVIEW:Biscuit is a picky eater with a sensitive stomach, so we’ve been cooking boiled chicken for him. He absolutely loves pet plate. He likes the variety, he feels better (judging by how much friskier he is since starting pet plate), and it’s so easy. I’ve already been recommending it.”

10. Gnaw Box – Natural Dog Chew Subscription Box:

Price: Check on Amazon

What’s Included: Gnawbox gives monthly subscribers a wide variety of at least 10 all-natural chews. Types of chews range from bully sticks, beef jerky, ear chews, tendon chews, and more!

Why Choose Gnaw Box: It is not always easy to find affordable chew packs that are also healthy in your local pet stores. With the wide variety of limited-ingredient and rawhide-free chews that Gnaw Box sends you monthly, your dog will have an endless supply of gnawptions!

BOX REVIEW: “After reading reviews, I was nervous about the number of items in the box—- but realistically, for $15, even 3 would allow me to break even. However, the box was OVERFLOWING. The number of chews inside was worth 10x what I paid, and I’m telling every dog owner I know!”

11. DoggieLawn – Grass Patch Subscription For Dogs

Price: $26-$34/Shipment & Free Shipping

What’s Included: DoggieLawn ships monthly (or at a frequency of your choice) and comes with one of four dog potty grass patch sizes, one pair of disposable gloves for sanitary setup and clean up, and a complimentary training kit with your first shipment.

Why Choose DoggieLawn: Convenient, eco-friendly, affordable, charitable, customizable… The list of terms used to descrive DoggieLawn and their potty grass patches could go on forever. Not only will you be giving your pup endless bathroom access, but you will also be donating to local animal shelters through your DoggieLawn subscription. 

BOX REVIEW: Game changer for apartment living! My pup was drawn to the Doggie Lawn before I even opened the box. Such a game-changer for those who are potty training and might live above the first floor in an apartment complex. Plus it’s a soft place to lay. I can’t recommend this enough.  After two weeks, it isn’t saturated and it still doesn’t smell.

12. Dog Mom Box – A Box For Obsessed Dog Moms

Dog Mom Box - Must-Have Items For Both Dogs and Their Owners
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Price: $35-$70/Box

What’s Included: The Dog Mom Monthly Subscription Box will send you and your pup 5-7 items, including t-shirts, anything “dog mom” themed, dog treats, dog toys, and more! You can choose different options based on the number of dogs you parent.

Why Choose Dog Mom Box: In the true spirit of self-care and pet care, you can combine the two by opting for a box that gives both you and puppy children a little extra love each month.

BOX REVIEW: Seriously so cute! I LOVED everything in this box, and the matching collar/headband was perfect!! Blue is my favorite color and it’s so soft. I would highly recommend to all the dog moms out there!!

13. Ollie – Fresh & Healthy Dog Food Subscription

Ollie - Custom Made Fresh & Healthy Dog Food Subscription
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Price: Varies per dog breed, weight, and activity level

What’s Included: Ollie offers up to 4 meals with different meat base options (beef, turkey, chicken, and lamb) customized to meet your dog’s daily calorie and portion intake. You can choose to either receive portions large enough for full meals or small enough to be a supplemental add on to your dog’s current diet. Shipments also include a personalized portion guide.

Why Choose Ollie: Ollie is very similar to Pet Plate in the services they offer and how their custom meal plans are determined by your dog’s unique profile. Although what makes Ollie unique to other pet meal subscription services is their option to ease the food into your pet’s diet with a smaller portioned first delivery and 1% of their revenue is donated to rescue organizations!  

OLLIE REVIEW:Letty was losing her fur, but now her coat is beautiful and shiny!

14. Pawstruck Dog Box With Natural Dog Chews for Medium Dogs 

Pawstruck Natural Dog Chew Box For Medium Dogs (20-50 LBS)
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Price: Check on Amazon

What’s Included: Pawstruck’s monthly pet subscription box comes 4 different chew types with anywhere between 10 and 20 chews total (meaning you will receive multiple of the same kind of chew) designed to last your dog all month long! They offer a variety of chews ranging from filled bones, cow hooves, bully sticks, and more.

Why Choose Pawstruck: While having variety can be a good thing, Pawstruck also understands your dog’s need for consistency. By sending you multiple of the same types of chew each month, they are making sure that their diet is not disturbed and that if your dog has an obvious favorite, they will have more than one to enjoy!

BOX REVIEW: This box is a great sampler to get to know what your dog likes. My puppy loved the chews, and I love the concept of having a subscription box just for chews, since most boxes focus on toys. However, I found this to be too pricey. Having tried one box, I find it more economical to buy their items individually in bulk.”

15. Bullymake Box Subscription For Power Chewers

Bullymake Box - Subscription Box With Toys & Treats For Big Dogs
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Price: $31-$39/Month

What’s Included: BullyMake’s monthly pet subscription box includes 2-3 nylon, rubber, rope, or ballistic chew toys and 3 treats. They also offer a toy only option that comes with 4-5 chew toys – all made in the US.

Why Choose BullyMake: Does your dog pull the stuffing out of every toy within minutes? A destructive pup can make fun pet subscription boxes seem like a waste of money. BullyMake, however, is filled with exclusive, durable toys specifically designed with your power chewer in mind! And on the rare occasion that your dog has super chew strength, BullyMake offers a free replacement for any destroyed toys.

BOX REVIEW:I had given every toy a try with my power chewer. We got our first box last month. The Chili Pepper is her favorite!! So far, it is surviving the chewing..and I mean CHEWING!! As a bonus, her teeth are so white. I was also pleasantly surprised by the nutritional treats included in our box. Those two are a big hit.

16. The Dapper Box – Best Subscription for the Modern Dog Mom

The Dapper Dog Box - Fun & Quirky Dog Gift Box With Pet Accessories
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Price: $20-$39.99/Box

What’s Included: The Dapper Dog Box offers 5 items in their monthly subscription boxes – two treats, two toys, and a limited-edition bandana. Their products are sourced in the US and come from either a variety of brands or Dapper Dog Box exclusives.

Why Choose The Dapper Dog Box: The Dapper Dog Box shares many similarities to BarkBox, including the monthly themed boxes and exclusive products. However, The Dapper Dog Box is the only monthly subscription box for dogs that provides its pups with a new and unique bandana in every order. This helps set them apart from competitors, especially considering how pricy dog bandanas can be!

BOX REVIEW:This is the best subscription box for any pup! It is so unique because they include bandanas, as well as treats and toys! My dogs look forward to their Dapper Dog Box every month. The customer service is also some of the best I have ever seen!” (source: Cratejoy reviews)

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  1. This was another dog subscription box that didn’t consistently curate boxes based on a theme. PupBox carries your pet from puppyhood to doghood, so boxes for puppies arrive with an extra accessory relevant to your dog’s age (like a leash-walking leaflet and a 6-foot-long leash). Adult dogs, though, don’t receive any special treatment, even though the puppy and adult boxes cost the same. Our adult-dog panelists did receive, in one box, a jar of discontinued, pet-friendly Burt’s Bees soothing skin cream. Does a discontinued item really count as a special extra?

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