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Best Puppy Food for Dachshunds: Top Rated Diet & Dog Food Brands For Miniature Dachshunds

Dachshund Diet: Best Kibble & Wet Food Brands For Sausage Dogs (Puppies & Adults)

Just like humans, dogs need a balanced diet to remain healthy. This varies depending on the breed, age, and existing health issues. Your Dachshund is no different. Because they are a small breed, Dachshunds have a fast metabolism. Thus, the Dachshund diet needs to be rich in calories and proteins. The latter helps him to prevent obesity and keeps his muscle mass lean.

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One more thing you need to keep in mind when selecting the food is that Dachshunds have a very high risk for allergies, so you need to buy food that has as few ingredients as possible. The fewer the ingredients, the less chance of him developing an allergy. 

The Best Dog Food Brands for Dachshund Puppies, Adults & Senior Weiner Dogs

With these in mind, it might seem pretty hard to find the best dog food for Dachshunds. But don’t worry, we’ve done some extensive research on this topic, so you don’t have to. 

We’ve asked around and picked only the best food for puppies, adults, or dachshunds that have health issues, based on the recommendations of both specialists and loving pet owners. And here’s the list we came up with:

Best Food for Dachshund Puppies

The food of your Dachshund puppy needs to be given special attention. Why? Because your Dachshund puppy is in his development and growth stage. What your puppy eats during this stage will have a significant effect on his maturity and overall wellbeing. Due to the weak build of Dachshunds’ spine, they need to take in a lot of protein and calcium at the growth stage. This food would give your Dachshund just that!

The Royal Canin Small Puppy Dry Food is the best puppy food for Dachshund. It is highly recommended at the early growth stage. What your Dachshund puppy needs at this stage is to develop healthy bones, which will help your puppy stay active and vibrant. This feed contains all the necessary nutrients, making it one of the best food for Dachshund puppies. 

Key features

  • High energy supplements
  • Immune-system development 
  • High composition of protein and calcium for bone development 

Made out of rice, chicken, corn, fish oil, and many other ingredients, the Royal Canin Small Puppy Dry Food has all the nutrients your puppy needs, including vitamins and minerals for healthy skin. The food is shaped as small kibble size, designed specifically for puppies with small jaws or picky appetites.

Good Dry Dog Food for Mini Dachshunds Adults

Once your Dachshund puppy becomes a young adult, you should immediately switch his food. This usually happens at ten months. The best food for mini Dachshunds at this age is the Royal Canin Dachshund Adult. This has all the ingredients required to maintain your dog healthy now that his nutritional needs have changed. 

Key features

  • High protein content for lean muscle
  • Calcium and phosphorus for strong bones
  • Stool and odor reduction 

Thanks to the high quantity of proteins and L-carnitine, this dry food will help support your dog’s muscle tone. Combined with the precise fiber content, it will also help reduce the stool odor and volume. All in all, this is the best food to give your Dachshund throughout his adulthood. 

Best Dog Food for Dachshunds with Skin Allergies

This dog food is the best for Dachshunds with skin allergies and irritations. Packed full of vitamin E & Omega-6 fatty acids, it will help your dog maintain a lustrous coat and healthy skin.

Key Features

  • Prebiotic fiber supplement 
  • Omega 6 fatty acids for healthy skin 
  • Highly digestible 
  • Ideal for dog predisposed to sensitive skin & stomachs 

With Hill’sHill’s Science Diet for Sensitive Skin, you and your little Dachshund will no longer have to worry about his skin. This dog food has all the right ingredients to stop him from developing further irritations or allergies. You’llYou’ll be able to see the difference in just a matter of weeks. 

Best Dog Wet Food for Weiner Dogs

The Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Dachshund Wet Dog Food is probably the best wet food that you can give your little Weiner dog. This food was developed specifically to meet all the nutritional needs of your pet. It helps him maintain strong bones and joints to help support his small limbs and long backbone.  

Key Features 

  • Omega 3 fatty acid supplements 
  • Soft food features for appetite
  • Balanced protein content

Some dogs are picky when it comes to wet food. Fortunately, Royal Canin took care of that problem by making this kibble shaped food fatty and tasty enough so that no dog can resist it. Just keep in mind that you should always feed your dog both dry and wet food, either as alternating meals or by combining the 2 of them. 

Best Food for Dachshund Weight Loss

As your Dachshund puppy grows, you need to change and upgrade his food to suit his growth and development. When he is about a year old, you will need to start feeding with intermediate or preparatory feed. This is the feed that would prepare your puppy for maturity. Hill’sHill’s science diet is an excellent option for building the body and weight of your Dachshund dog to maturity.

Key features 

  • Supplement for weight build and sustenance
  • Kibble shape for easy feeding 
  • High supplement for muscle build

Hill’s science diet is just perfect for a young adult. Made out of real chicken and brown rice, just to name 2 of the ingredients, this dog food is the perfect choice for your mini Dachshund. Moreover, Hill’s Science Diet Adult helps dogs maintain their correct weight and lean muscle. In fact, studies have shown that over 70% of overweight dogs that used it have lost the extra weight in just ten weeks. This is by far the best food for Dachshund weight loss.

Best Diet Food for Dachshund Adults

After nursing your Dachshund to maturity, you should maintain his healthy nature and wellbeing. The Blue Buffalo food is the best natural food with no artificial preservatives. This food would maintain the health of your dog, along with building its immune system.

Key Features 

  • High-quality natural supplements
  • Antioxidants and vitamins for immune system build
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

This dog food is the best for your adult Dachshund dog if you know that you really want to maintain his health and immune development. It is a food for the all-round diet food for Dachshunds

Best Dog Food for Senior Dachshunds

After a certain age, you should switch your dog’s food to meet his new nutritional needs. The Hill’s Dachshund Adult 7+ is the best food you can give your dog to support healthy aging. 

Key features 

  • Healthy aging complex
  • Helps with bone and joint support
  • Helps your dog maintain the ideal weight

Your senior Dachshund will need to maintain strong bones and joints to enjoy his golden years. This dry dog food has the perfect mix of nutrients and antioxidants that will help him maintain cellular health for a long time. Try it out here. But be sure to consult with your vet

What you need to know about a dachshund’s diet

Is a Raw Food Diet Good for Mini Dachshunds

If you are in a situation where you cannot get wet or dry dog food to feed your mini Dachshund at the moment, you can use a raw food diet. Do not panic; this is a good alternative. Raw foods like carrot, green bananas, broccoli, and low-fat cheese are excellent alternatives. These raw foods are great for Dachshunds as a healthy alternative to wet or dry food. In fact, there are numerous reasons why you should switch to a raw food diet.

How Much Should You Feed A Miniature Dachshund?

The amount of food you give to your dog should depend on his age and size. It also depends on the food you are using. Each dry or wet food manufacturer will have all the information you need printed on the package. In general, a miniature Dachshund requires half a regular cup to a full regular cup kibble in a day.

If you are feeding your miniature Dachshund with a raw diet, use this calculator.

Best Diet For An Overweight Dachshund And Weight Loss Tips

It is very easy for a Dachshund to gain excess weight, which in turn is extremely dangerous for his tiny legs and can put unnecessary pressure on their spine and joints. A miniature Dachshund should ideally weigh 8 and 11 pounds. 

If you start to see your little Wiener dog putting on weight, look for the reason why. The most common reasons are either overfeeding or a sedentary lifestyle. If this is the case, you should consider increasing his activity by going for long walks or playing more, and rationing the food intake. 

The quality of the food might be another reason why your dog is getting fat. Some brands put excess carbohydrates supplements into their food, which is bad for your dog’s health. So always be sure to check the nutritional value of the food that you buy.

Our list above includes recommendations vetted by pet nutritionists and veterinarians, but the rest falls on you. Be sure to properly weigh out the food, and include any extra treats your dog gets during the day.

For the best low calorie dog treats be sure to check out our separate post on it. 

Conclusion: Best Small Dog Breed Food For Dachshunds 

As with any other breed, you need to be very careful with your Dachshund’s nutrition. Because they are a small breed with tiny legs, you have to keep their bones and joints healthy at all costs, and prevent weight gain. 

Using all of the dry and wet food we recommended in this article will ensure that your dog will live a healthy life, based on a nutrient rich diet. 


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