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Do Pet Cooling Mats Work?

Dog Cooling Mats Questions – How Do They Work?

Like people, cats and dogs are at risk of high temperatures, especially during the oppressive summer heat. But, unlike people who are born with sweat glands all over their skin, pets have sweat glands in a few specific areas. Dogs mostly rely on panting to regulate their body temperature and stay cool during the hot summer months.

As you can imagine, panting isn’t the most efficient way to cope with excess heat. This puts dogs at a higher risk of heatstroke, dehydration, and heat exhaustion during summer.

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Using a pet cooling mat is one way to help your dog regulate body temperature and stay cool on warm days. These mats are specially designed to lower a dog’s or a cat’s body temperature and prevent overheating.

But do pet cooling mats work and how to find the best one for your pet? Keep reading to learn how pet cooling mats work and why you should invest in a cooling pad for your pet.

What Is A Dog Cooling Mat?

Before you learn how cooling mats work, you should know what a pet cooling mat is.

Cooling mats, packs, and other cooling devices have been around for decades and are specially designed to lower body temperature or cool objects. Pet cooling mats do the same thing for cats and dogs and are designed to help keep your pet cool for longer.

Pet cooling mats are available in different sizes and forms. There are several different types of cooling pads based on the cooling technology they use to reduce body temperature.

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Different Types Of Pet Cooling Mats

There are many different cooling pads to choose from, but not all are made the same. The answer to do dog cooling mats work depends a lot on the type of mat you decide to purchase for your dog.

Depending on what’s inside the cooling mat, there are water-filled cooling mats, ice pack cooling pads, and pressure-activated gel cooling mats.

Water-Filled Cooling Mats

As the name suggests, water-filled pet cooling mats are filled with cold tap water. Water-based cooling mats are usually the cheapest and safest option for cooling your pet on hot summer days.

While they are sealed adequately, these mats will leak water if they become damaged by sharp claws or teeth. If your dog is a chewer or has a habit of digging its bed, you may need to reconsider getting a water-filled pet cooling mat.

So how does a dog cooling mat work, you may wonder. Just place it in a fridge or a cold room for a few hours for the water to cool off and set it up for your dog. Water-filled cooling mats can stay cold for up to seven hours.

Ice Pack Cooling Mats

Ice pack cooling mats feature ice packs that you need to freeze overnight before inserting them into the mat. But imagine the shock of a freezing ice pack touching your skin on a sweltering day.

Although an ice pack cooling pad will lower your dog’s body temperature, it could be uncomfortable for your dog.

Ice pack cooling mats are usually cheap, but they might be uncomfortable for dogs to use, especially at the beginning when they are freezing cold.

Pressure-Activated Gel Cooling Mats

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Also known as the self-cooling mats, the pressure-activated cooling mats are lightweight and portable. So, you can take one along while traveling with your dog. These mats contain a pressure-activated substance.

But how does a self-cooling pet mat work? The self-cooling substance absorbs the heat from the dog’s body and helps keep it cool. The gel substance activates when a pet steps on the mat, ensuring a non-stop cooling. Once the pet leaves the mat, the gel substance automatically recharges and cools for later use.

If you decide to buy a pressure-activated cooling pad, look for products with non-toxic gel filling. If your dog chews the mat, you don’t want it to ingest anything harmful to its health.

Some people choose to refrigerate or freeze gel cooling mats to cool them faster. These mats absorb heat when exposed to direct sunlight and won’t help cool your dog. So, use a pressure-activated cooling mat only in the shade.

Benefits Of Using A Pet Cooling Mat

A pet cooling mat can offer many benefits to your dog. If you’re wondering do pet cooling mats work for cats, the answer is yes, they do. Whether you own a dog or a cat, a chilled pad can offer the following benefits to your furry companion:

  • Prevents Heatstroke: Pets can overheat in hot weather, which in some cases leads to heat stroke – a dangerous and potentially fatal condition. Pet cooling mats are designed to help cool cats and dogs during extreme heat. By lowering your pet’s body temperature, a cooling pad prevents heat stroke and other health issues associated with high temperatures.
  • Supports Better Sleep: Like people, dogs can have difficulty sleeping when the weather is hot. While dogs can’t throw off the covers, they can find some comfort in cooling pads which provide a soft and chilled surface for nighttime and afternoon naps.
  • Keeps Your Pet Clean: Most pet cooling mats aren’t elevated from the floor, but they still provide a nice and clean surface for dogs and cats to sleep on. Besides keeping your pet cool, a cooling mat will keep your dog away from the dirt and debris from the floor, keeping your dog’s coat nice and shiny.
  • Helps With Shedding: Dogs and cats shed more during warmer months. While a cooling pad won’t stop your pet from shedding, having a designated area for sleeping may minimize shedding in other areas of your home.
  • Provides Added Support For Senior Pets: Aging and elderly pets aren’t as mobile as adult dogs and puppies. Painful and stiff joints make it hard for elderly dogs to get up and stay comfortable, especially on hot summer days. If you have a senior dog, look for an orthopedic cooling mat, which provides muscle and joint support and a cooling effect.

How To Use A Pet Cooling Mat?

Now that you know how do dog cooling mats work, you’re probably eager to find out how to use one to keep your pet comfortable in hot weather. For a pet cooling mat to work, a cat or a dog needs to lie on it.

Dogs are creatures of habit, and it may take some time for your dog to figure out what to do with a cooling mat. If your pup ignores the mat or doesn’t want to come near it, there are several things you can do.

Place your dog’s favorite toys or treats on the mat to make it more interesting. Call your dog to come and sit on the mat, and use treats and praise to reward good behavior. When your dog is comfortable sitting on the mat, use the “lie down” command to get your pup to lie on the pad.

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After it lies on the mat several times, your dog will likely figure out that its cool surface is nice and comfortable to lie on. When this happens, your pup will choose the cooling pad anytime it needs to cool down.

How Long Will A Dog Cooling Mat Cool For?

How a cooling mat works and how long it will stay cool depends on the type of cooling pad you have. On average, a pet cooling pad will cool your pet for three to four hours.

Since different cooling pads use different cooling technologies, check the manufacturer’s instructions for more details about your specific product. If the package doesn’t contain any valuable information, contact the manufacturer to inquire about the information you need.

Do Cooling Mats For Dogs Work?

Does a cooling mat works will depend on your dog. While some dogs may appreciate the refreshing effect of a cooling mat, others may prefer lying on cool tiles or concrete floor instead.

If investing in a cooling mat seems like a gamble, see if your dog will lie on a cool towel first. Place a wet towel in a fridge and offer it to your dog to lie on. If your pooch likes lying on a damp towel, it will most likely enjoy a cooling mat.

A Final Word On How Do Pet Cooling Mats Work

How cooling mats for dogs work depends on the type and technology within. Regardless of the type, all pet cooling pads will require recharging after a couple of hours to get back to the state where they can cool again.

A high-quality cooling mat can keep your dog cool all summer long and last for several years. Keep an eye on your dog when using the mat to prevent it from chewing or scratching the mat.

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