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Best Dog Subscription Boxes Europe & UK – Monthly Pet Subscription Gift Boxes With Reviews

best subscription boxes for dogs europe uk

Best UK Subscription Boxes For Dogs

If you’re a UK or European resident, and you feel sorry for missing out on all the amazing US pet subscription boxes, don’t fret! We’ve done extra research and found out a few UK based companies that do an amazing job at delivery subscription boxes to pets all over Great Britain and most of Europe on a monthly basis.

In this post, we’re going to go over a couple of our favorite UK monthly dog boxes and gift hampers for our pooches. Whether you’re considering buying one for a special occasion, a one-off purchase or as a random gift to make your dog’s day better, we’re confident that you’re going love these.

This post includes affiliate links. If you buy something through us, we may earn a small commission.

To help you decide, we’ve gathered up and reviewed the best monthly dog boxes that offer pet care products, food, extra treats, exciting toys and a whole lot more. And they all deliver to the UK (and some to Europe as well!).

In a rush? Pick your dog box:

WufWuf Box- Great value
- Personally tested by us
- Unique themes for each box
- See previous boxes here
UK + Europe£26.90
The Pawfect Box- 5 items included in each box
- Total value: over £40
- Long lasting toys
Worldwide, from the UK£21
PETure Perfect- Custom gifts with your pet's portrait
- Gifts for you & your dog
- Unique & personalized
Worldwide, from the UK$28.66
Doggy Hamper- 7 items per box
- Toys & treats included
- Fast delivery
UK & more via AmazonCheck

Best Dog Subscription Boxes Europe

1. WufWuf UK Dog Subscription Box

Wuffwuff Surprise Box For Dogs With Toys & Treats – UK and Europe Delivery

5 or more items each month, including toys, treats and surprises!

  • Themed boxes
  • Free shipping in the UK!
  • Cancel at anytime

Price: £26.90/Month

What’s Included: WufWuf’s subscription box contains 5 or more items, including treats, toys, chews, accessories, and other fun surprises valued at over £40. We’ve tried it ourselves, and it’s well worth it!

Why Choose WufWuf: WufWuf has a lot of fun themed boxes for your dog so that they never get bored with the same old treats! Also, while they advertise that each box has 5 or more items, you will notice that almost every box contains more. One themed box had as many as 9 toys, treats, and supplies.

WUFWUF BOX REVIEW:A really good mix of products that are healthy, environmentally friendly and keep my doggo happy, what more could I ask for?“. We also tried the box for ourselves and we highly recommend it – our favourite part is the huge plush toy that represents the monthly theme. (Such as the grumpy cat toy, dinosaur toys, the Christmas scarf and squeaky toys and of course the bust of Shakespeare.)

WufWuf delivers to:  E.U. countries (including the UK, and most European countries), Switzerland, Japan and Israel.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Get 30% off your first 3 boxes as a new customer. Join now and pay only £18.85 per box.

2. Pet Portrait Monthly Box With UK Delivery

Price: $27 / approximatively £19

What’s Included: This monthly box featured personalized items of your pet, made by hand to illustrate a photo you send over. You can change that photo every 3 months to keep getting new illustrations, but the items are different in each box – from every day use items, like cute aprons, notebooks, mugs and more – all with your beloved pooch’s face plastered on it!

A treat for pet owners that ships Worldwide (all Europe included), straight from the United Kingdom.

PET BOX REVIEW: “Wow, it is so much fun! I am 3 months in and I am enjoying it so much. The illustration of my sweet dog is adorable and really captured his look that I love so much. The items sent are high quality and beautifully printed.

3. The Cratejoy Dog Subscription Box

The All Tails Wag Doggy Box
From £30
  • Delicious and healthy treats
  • Cute and memorable clothes and accessories
  • Fun, durable and responsibly made toys


Price: £30

What’s Included: This super cute and affordable pet monthly box comes with over 5 items, valued at over £40 RRP and it’s filled with filled with premium toys, treats and consumables from the best brands on the market.

Where To Buy: Cratejoy

BOX REVIEW: As a spaniel owner I am always on the look out for really high quality toys that he doesn’t tear to shreds! The Dog Box was absolutely… Pawfect. The toys were really strong, really high quality, and there was a great mix of treats. I was surprised at how much actually came in the box, and really enjoyed the special items like the dog bowl and the decomposable poo bags..”

4. DogBox Boutique 6 Item Dog Gifts Box Hamper 

Price: Check on Amazon

What’s Included: Contains home made doggy popcorn, grain free fish dog training treats, sweet shop treats, 3 standard size tennis balls, a rope toy and 40 poop bags & a bone shaped dispenser. The perfect set for exercising the dogs innate need for play and reward. Chase, tug, smell & chew. Great for training, and connection and play.

Where To Buy: Directly from Amazon

Why Choose This Box: This box is a great all round dog toy box, containing dog toys and dog treats. Your dog is guaranteed to wuf this box! Packed in a plastic-free eco gift box.

BOX REVIEW:PAWsome little gift set! I purchased this product for my dog’s birthday and he loved it. A great selection of items for a very reasonable price. Especially loved the popcorn.”

5. Denzel’s Healthy Dog Treats Amazon Subscription

Price: Check price on Amazon

What’s Included: This healthy treat box includes a total of 9 Chews in 3 varieties flavors! You can choose from two different treat type options based on what your dog prefers or needs: High Protein, Superfood, and Nut Butter or Tropical, Brunch, and Pure Paleo.

Why Choose Denzel’s Healthy Dog Treats: With a choice between a one time or subscription box, Denzel’s Healthy Dog Treat box allows you to figure out what your dog likes before committing. This box is tasty for all pups, but especially for those with sensitive stomachs, thanks to the high quality and carefully chosen ingredients.

DENZEL’S BOX REVIEW:We ordered the multi pack so we could try all the different flavours and it came in a cute little suitcase which was a really nice touch. Clover is usually quite fussy with treats but after the first, she sat and stared at the box waiting for another! They would have done anything for these chews it’s crazy! It’s very rare you get something that tastes that good and is healthy so these are a game changer!!!! 100% recommend!

Celebrating your dog’s birthday? Check out our post of 10 dog birthday activities you could do!

6. Tails Subscription – Custom Made Food Recipes For Dogs

Tails Monthly Food Subscription With Custom Healthy Recipes For Dogs

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Price: From £10 a month – varies based on your dog’s age, weight, activity level, and preferences.

What’s Included: sends fresh dog meals tailored personally for your pet right to your door. The exact contents depend on your dog’s unique needs but can include dry kibble, wet food, treats, and chews.

Why Choose A meal subscription service and plan based on your dog’s lifestyle that you also get a say in creating? Yes, please! not only provides you with the resources needed to keep your pet healthy, but they also recognize the changing nature of your dogs’ needs and alter their plan slightly each month to ensure optimal nutrition! They also deliver to a few other locations in Europe.

TAILS REVIEW:A fantastic service that I recommend to all dog owners! The control you have over everything and the quality of the food is amazing, and no more expensive than supermarket generic food.” (source: Tails review)

7. DogBox Boutique – Amazon Subscription Box For Pets

Dogbox Boutique The Original Dog Gifts Box Doggy Hamper – Birthday Gift Dogs

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Price: Check on Amazon

What’s Included: Each dog box contains 3 fun toys, 2 delicious treats, 1 homemade treat, and 1 surprise item! Watch your dog’s eyes light up as they enjoy the variety of fun in every dog treat box.

Why Choose DogBox: Dogs need fun, food and comfort, so we make sure every dog treat toy box provides each of these. Dive in and treat yours to the variety and fun every doggo deserves! You also get free delivery.

BOX REVIEW: This is a box that we personally tried out and loved. All items were really unique, and not what you usually find in pet shops, and the toys were fun and durable. But it’s higher priced than other boxes out there, and we actually loved the WufWuf box better.

Give your dog a reason to get excited when someone knocks on the door with these fun and unique pet subscription and gift boxes! It’s super and easy and all the work is basically done for you. The hardest part? Trying to pick just one! It’s understandable if you end up with a stack of packages outside your door next month.

More UK & European Dog Gift Boxes

If our top 6 boxes just don’t do it for you, here are a few more options:

Care Me Dog Box - Premium Dog Subscription Box

This company donates a percentage of their profits each month to dog shelters around the world.


The Dapper Box – another one of our favorites, also ships worldwide, alongside other 100 pet subscription boxes from Cratejoy that are theme or breed specific. Just select your own country from the sidebar, to see if the creators ship there! You might also want to check:

Every new puppy and doggo deserves to be spoiled and celebrated and that’s why we have selected a handful of the best-rated gift boxes to do just that!

They all include a wide variety of natural and wholesome food and treats but no puppy gift box is complete without a soft toy or unexpected chewy. This monthly box selection comes in all shapes and sizes, and their whimsical packaging makes it a fun and thoughtful experience for new pups and their families.

Top Rated International Monthly Gift Boxes For Dogs

If you stumbled across this post, but do not live in the UK or in Europe and you’re outside of the delivery range, but you don’t want to miss out on treating your doggo, be sure to check out our full guide on the best American subscription pet boxes or our shopping checklist for getting a new puppy.

But just in case you’re in a hurry, here’s our top 3 worldwide doggy boxes:

Best Dog Subscription Boxes In Europe & UK – Monthly Pet Subscription Gift Boxes For Cats and Dogs

More Essential Pet Product Round-Ups:


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