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10 Genius Cooling Products for Dogs: Keeping a Pet Cool During a Heatwave

pet products to avoid heatstroke during hot months

How To Keep Pets Cool In Hot Weather & 10 Products That Help 

A happy and playful dog can seem to do a lot of panting, so it is not always easy to tell the difference between a dog having fun and a dog that’s overheated. But as the summer heat increases, so does the risk of heatstroke suffered by our fur-coated pups.

Keeping your dog cool in the hot summer weather is critical to their health and well-being. So, if you have an outside dog or plan on including them in your outdoor adventures, you must implement a few best practices for keeping your pup cool during a heatwave.

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Best Practices To Keep A Dog Cool on a Hot Day

Here are a few easy things that you can do as a dog owner to prevent your dog from overheating when being active in hot weather, according to Battersea:

  • Always carry or make sure there is access to cool water.
  • Avoid activities with running that exert large amounts of energy.
  • Remain in shaded areas with no direct sunlight.
  • For long-haired dogs, keep their fur cut short and well-brushed in the summer months.
  • For short-haired dogs, regular brushing will help remove loose fur and allow for the better release of body heat.
  • Avoid having your dog walk on hot surfaces like dark asphalt or sand.
  • Apply a damp towel to their underside or allow them to lie down on one.
  • Never, under any circumstances, leave your pup alone in a hot car. Not only is this against the law in several U.S. States, but it can also be fatal for your pup.

Keeping the proper supplies handy for cooling down your dog can be difficult to remember, especially when traveling and making special trips. 

To help make it easier for forgetful pet parents (nobody’s pawfect), there are a lot of great and innovative cooling products on the market that are made just for dogs!

10 Genius Products To Keep Your Pet Cool All Summer:

1. Cooling Mats For Peats

A dog cooling mat is essentially just that – a mat specifically designed to help keep your dog cool when laid on. By absorbing and regulating body heat, these pads allow your dog the opportunity to chill out for hours!

This non-toxic, latex-free cooling pad helps keep your dog cool for up to 3 hours at a time by absorbing and regulating body heat. Simply unfold the mat and place it in an area easily accessible to your dog. 

You’re probably thinking “Do cooling mats for dogs really work? It can’t be that easy.” But it is. The self-activating gel interior of this mat is specially designed to recharge in 15-20 minutes of non-use, making it convenient for travel and pups on the go.

Just don’t forget to easily introduce the mat to your dog, rewarding any interaction or time spent on the mat in the first few days, to help your pup associate it with a good rewarding thing.

2.  Paw Activated Cooling Fountains

Outdoor Dog Fountain - Paw Activated Drinking Pet Dispenser with Fresh Water
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10/15/2021 01:44 pm GMT

What better way to ensure your pup has unlimited access to fresh and cool water than by giving them all the control? These water fountains connect to your garden hose and dispense a stream of water whenever your dog steps on the pedal.

No hose? No problem! With the Happy Dog Pet Water Fountain, you’ll receive a two-way garden hose that connects directly to your water system. 

Also, the fun fountain design makes drinking water seem like playtime for your dog. Who knew staying hydrated could be so cool?

  3. Dog Cooling Vest Jacket

Dog Cooling Vest Harness Cooler Jacket For Dogs
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10/15/2021 01:43 pm GMT

Typically, the summer heat has you wishing you could remove more layers. But with these cooling vests, adding a layer will actually help your pup cool off faster! 

When you soak the fabric vest in cold water and place on your dog, an evaporation process begins, creating a cooling sensation. The different types of fabric layers each play a role in holding water without soaking your dog, evening out the cool temperature, and reflecting heat. 

This vest is not your typical dog sweater and most pups can be kept cool on long walks – making this perfect for active breeds that just can’t stand still in the heat.

4. Frozen Licking Mats 

Slow Feed Dog Mat - Perfect For Frozen Treats
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10/15/2021 06:35 pm GMT

Sometimes the most innovative dog cooling products require a little extra creative thinking. Licking mats are great for slow feeding and calming, but add some tasty broth, yogurt, or just water, place it in the freezer, and voila – you now have what is essentially a puppy popsicle but minus the mess.

You get an easy method for cooling down your pup, and they get a tasty treat! Pupsicles, anyone?

These mats are freezer friendly and dishwasher safe too, making cleaning up (and replenishing the treats) easier in minutes! We recommend the multi-pack mat for a variety of treats.

5. Frozen Dog Toys 

Summer Dogs Cooling Toys, Full with Water Frozen To Prevent Heat Stroke
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10/15/2021 01:04 pm GMT

Speaking of pupsicles, these popsicle and ice cream shaped cooling toys from LaRoo are perfect for playful dogs! 

Simply fill the toys with water and freeze for an easy way to keep your dog from overheating during playtime. These are also a great no-mess option for short trips and car rides that can easily fit in most coolers!

6. Elevated Dog Beds

The Original Elevated Pet Bed - Cooling Bed For Dogs
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10/15/2021 06:34 pm GMT

Do you often find your pup napping sprawled out on the floor, just feet away from their bed? Your dog’s bed might look nice and soft on the surface, but for your dog, it could be an uncomfortable heat trap. 

Elevated Pet beds are a great solution for this! These well-ventilated beds keep hot air flowing out and cold air flowing in. Made with breathable and soft materials, your dog will be comfy and cool this summer!

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Not only does the off-the-ground design promote and increase air flow on all sides of the bed, keeping your pet cool, but the suspended platform provides added comfort by creating low-impact areas to pressure points and joints – making this an ideal bed for senior dogs or larger breeds who are predisposed to joint issues.

7. Refreshing Ice Bandanas

Instant Cooling Bandana For Dogs
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10/15/2021 02:58 pm GMT

Summer-themed bandanas are trendy and great for photos, but they aren’t very useful when it comes to keeping your dog cool in the heat. Ice bandanas however help your dog look AND feel cool for hours. 

Made from comfortable materials and cooling technologies, you only need to soak and freeze the bandana for a long-lasting, heat-beating, puppy fashion statement, as the cold-sensing technology fabric resists heat and cools down on contact.

8. Outdoor Pet Pools

Pet Swimming Pool - Portable Dog Pool For Summertime
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10/15/2021 07:57 pm GMT

These are a popular choice among heat-conscious pet parents! There’s nothing more adorable than watching your dog have fun and stay cool by splashing in their personal pool. But as any of these pet parents can tell you, plastic pools take up a significant amount of space to store, and blow up pools tend to not fare well against puppy claws.

Pidsen Foldable Pet Swimming Pool, however, is a compact and durable alternative for your dog that will have you wanting to jump in and join the puppy pool party!

TIP: For some added fun, check out this Peteast Splash Sprinkler Pool that creates a fountain for your pup to play in! If your dog is a water lover who gets bored by still water, they are never going to get tired of these sprinklers!

9. Fun Water Toys

Dog Water Toys for Pool - Dog Floating Toys Snakes
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In an effort to keep your pet cool during the summer months, it’s easy to allow for more laziness than normal in their routine. Especially when a simple game of fetch becomes 10 times more draining in the beating sun. 

But don’t go back into the a/c yet! These fun and floating dog toys will bring a whole new element to the game.

Whether you’re relaxing by the pool, adventuring to rivers and lakes, or chilling on the beach, you can keep your dog active and cool by having them fetch toys from the water!

10. Cooling Pet Towel

Cool Pup Dog Cooling Pet Towel
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10/15/2021 02:34 pm GMT

While applying a wet towel to your hot pet is a good option in a pinch, using a cooling towel will ensure optimal cooldown! Soaking one of these towels in water activates cooling properties in the material that stays cold until dry, giving your pet plenty of time to cool down. 

Not only are they long-lasting, they are also versatile and easy to use anywhere you have access to water! No at-home preparation needed. And they are the perfect answer to “how to keep an outside dog cool in the summer?”. 

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How to keep your dog cool in a heatwave – conclusion

Hot dogs are a thing of the past. This summer is all about chilly dogs! Keeping your dog cool in the heat shouldn’t need a second thought, and these genius pet cooling products can help! 

Learn more about what you can do to ensure your pet’s health during a heatwave here and find out what you need to be on the lookout for to prevent and aid with a heat stroke.

But more importantly, have fun spoiling your dog with these genius products to keep your pet cool all summer and give them the best life ever. 

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  1. My husky gets so hot during summer and eve spring days, but he hates being wet! The tip about the ice bandana and vest is priceless and can’t wait to try it this summer!

  2. Great suggestions! This is the second of these mats we have bought for our cockapoo Henry who loves to stretch out on them on hot, summer days. What makes them stand out is the thickness of the mat which must contain a good layer of the cooling gel. Highly recommend! And the ice bandana seems like a perfect idea for walks too, so we’ll be getting one of them this summer for sure.

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