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100 Tricks To Teach Your Dog or Puppy

Easy Cool Tricks To Teach Your Dog

Want to keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated? There is no better way to keep your pup’s mind and body occupied than training them tricks!

Dogs love learning tricks! Besides ensuring that you have the best-behaved canine on the block, teaching a dog trick will also strengthen the bond between you and your pooch and help you spend more time together.

In this article, you’ll find a list of 100 tricks to teach your dog! Some are harder than others, so start with essential tricks every dog should know and go from there. Let’s get started, shall we?

Essential Dog Training Tricks Any Dog Should Know

Essential tricks are the best tricks to teach a dog when they are just starting to learn new things. Don’t forget, no matter how easy the trick seems, use tasty treats to keep your pooch interested in training.

  1. Sit – train your dog to sit on command.
  2. Lie down – teach your dog to lie down on the ground.
  3. Stay – teach your pooch to stay in one place until released.
  4. Come – have your dog come to you when called.
  5. Speak – train your puppy to bark on command.
  6. Quiet – teach a dog to stop barking. 
  7. Drop it – get your dog to drop the item from its mouth.
  8. Take it – have your dog grab a toy with its mouth.
  9. Leave it – teach your dog to leave an item alone.
  10. Go potty – teach your puppy to go to the bathroom on command.
  11. Wait – let your dog wait before eating.
  12. Go to bed – train your puppy to go to bed on command.
  13. Fetch – teach your dog how to play fetch.
  14. Touch – have your dog touch an object with its nose.
  15. Again – make a dog repeat behavior.
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Cool Tricks To Teach Your Puppy

These were basic and easy things to teach your dog! Once your pooch learns essentials you can move onto cool and amazing dog tricks! Here are some cool tricks for you to try:

  1. Kiss – teach your dog how to kiss you, other dogs, or a cat!
  2. Shake hands – this is one of the cutes and coolest dog tricks. Here’s how to teach your dog to shake hands.
  3. Spin – Get your dog to spin on command.
  4. Roll over – Here’s how to teach your dog to roll over.
  5. Stand on hind legs – While it may seem hard, standing on hind legs is one of the funniest and easiest dog tricks to teach your dog.
  6. Play dead – This is a cool party trick! Check out how to teach your dog to play dead.
  7. Hug – Who wouldn’t want a dog hug? Here’s how you can teach your pooch to give you a hug.
  8. Sit pretty – Get your dog to sit pretty so you can take cute pictures of them!
  9. Hands up – Hands up is a cool dog trick that also looks great. Watch how to train your dog to put their hands up.
  10. Wave goodbye – Waving is a great way for your dog to greet people without jumping on them. Here’s how you can train your dog to wave goodbye
  11. Say your prayers – Check out how you can teach your dog to say prayers
  12. Balance – Teach your dog how to balance objects on their head.
  13. Ring a bell to go out – Get your dog to ring a bell to be let outside.
  14. Crossed paws – Have your dog cross their paws on command!
  15. Backup – You can train your dog to walk backward on command to have more control of your space.

Fun Tricks To Teach Your Dog

There are many different funny dog tricks you and your pooch should try. Here are the best silly tricks to teach your dog:

  1. Twist – Get your dog to spin on all four legs.
  2. Commando – Have your dog crawl towards you on its belly.
  3. Circle me – Train your dog to circle around your body.
  4. Walk tall – Check how to train your dog to walk on hind legs.
  5. High five – If your dog knows how to give paw you can train them to give a high five.
  6. ShakeTeach your dog to shake off water on command.
  7. Yawn – Get your dog to yawn on command.
  8. Put toys awayTrain your dog to gather its toys into a basket
  9. CatchGet your dog to catch balls or treats from a short distance.
  10. Be shyTrain your dog to cover its eyes and act shy.
  11. Jump rope – Here’s how to teach your dog to jump rope. However, only train this trick to young dogs that don’t have any mobility problems. 
  12. Fetch a drink – get your dog to bring you a drink when you ask for it.
  13. Act ashamed Train your dog to get its head down and act ashamed on command.
  14. SmileTeach your dog how to smile
  15. Hide and seek – Learn how to play hide and seek with your dog.

Creative Dog Tricks

This list of dog tricks is nowhere near done, and there are so many awesome tricks you can teach to your pooch. Let’s check out some creative tricks that you can teach your dog!

  1. Play Basketball – If you are into sports, you can teach your dog to play basketball.
  2. Teach your dog to countTeaching your dog how to count is an impressive trick that may require some time and patience. But it’s well worth it having a canine Einstein! 
  3. Bang – if your dog knows how to lie dead, you can easily teach them this trick
  4. Balance on the noseTrain your dog to balance treats on their nose
  5. Point – Have your dog point at something with their nose.
  6. Wipe pawsTeach your dog to wipe its paws when coming inside
  7. Find it – Have your dog search for a person or object by scent.
  8. Shell game – Get your dog to pick the correct cup with a treat under it
  9. GrowlTrain your dog to growl on command.
  10. HowlTeach your dog how to howl like a wolf
  11. LimpHave your dog limp on command.
  12. Peek-a-booTrain your dog to peek-a-boo through your legs.
  13. Pick a card – get your dog to pick a card, like in a magic trick.
  14. Push-upsTeach your dog to do push-ups.
  15. Play pianoTrain your dog to play on a small piano

Impressive Dog Tricks

With this list of dog tricks, you and your pooch will never get bored! In fact, your pooch will have so much fun doing these tricks that they may decide to become a full-time performer!

  1. Spread them – Get your dog to put its paws against the wall.
  2. Time out – Have your dog go in the corner of the room and stare at the wall.
  3. Who do you love? – Train your dog to point at you with its paw.
  4. Sneeze Train your dog to sneeze on cue.
  5. I love youTeach your dog to say I love you
  6. Catch Frisbee in the air 
  7. Easter Egg Hunt – Have your dog search for treats in plastic Easter eggs
  8. Put a ball in a launcher
  9. DanceTrain your dog to stand up and dance around
  10. HurdleTeach your dog to jump over hurdles with ease
  11. Jump into your arms – This trick might be easier with small dogs.
  12. Jump through arms – Create a circle with your arms and have your dog jump through it.
  13. Leap over a stick – Show your dog how to jump over a stick.
  14. Leap me – Get your dog to jump over you.
  15. Leap over people – Teach your pooch to jump over other people.
  16. Leap through a hoop – Check out how to train a dog to jump through a hoop
  17. Soccer – With a bit of practice you can teach your dog how to play soccer.
  18. Walk between legs – Check out how to train your dog to walk between your legs
  19. Weave poles – Show your dog how to weave through poles
  20. Balance on my back – Train your dog to balance on your back on command

Cool Things To Train Your Dog To Do  

This list of 100 tricks to teach your dog wouldn’t be complete without a list of cool things your dog can do around home. While some of these tricks may seem hard, most of them are surprisingly easy to teach and learn. Arm yourself with tasty treats and let’s get started! 

  1. Open the door
  2. Close the door
  3. Fetch the TV remote
  4. Pick up the keys
  5. Find keys
  6. Fetch the newspaper
  7. Pass a note
  8. Fetch the phone
  9. Take off your socks
  10. Unzip your jacket
  11. Close the curtains
  12. Lights on
  13. Lights off
  14. Put in the laundry basket
  15. Get the mail
  16. Fetch my slippers
  17. Bring the leash
  18. Bring a dish
  19. Carry a purse
  20. Take off socks 

Conclusion: Fun Tricks To Teach A Puppy

If you were looking for fun and easy dog tricks to teach your dog you’ve come to the right place! While this list of 100 tricks to teach your dog is by no means exhaustive, it will keep you and your pooch busy training for some time! 

To get your dog interesting in learning tricks, keep the training session short and sweet and use lots of tasty treats and praise! 

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100 Tricks To Teach Your Dog or Puppy

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