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Best Medium to Large Short Haired Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Best Breeds Of Short Haired Dogs 

Looking to give a dog a forever home but don’t want to deal with the furry mess everywhere in your house? We all know that pet hair is unavoidable when you share your living space with a four legged friend. 

And while most pet owners learn to put up with it, if you are looking for a pup that does not shed a lot to minimize the amount of pet hair in your home, you might want to consider a short haired dog breed.

There are plenty of medium to large dogs that have short hair without undercoats or high grooming needs, making them a perfect choice for apartment living, families with kids or owners with allergies. We’ve compiled a list of just that in this article. Enjoy! 

Medium Short Coat Dog Breeds with Low Grooming Needs

In addition to dogs that don’t shed, short coat dog breeds that don’t need much care and grooming are also an excellent choice if you’re not a huge fan of endless amount of pet hair in your home. These breeds don’t require regular grooming appointments and tend to be easily to wash and maintaining clean.

Here are a few medium short coat dog breeds that you should consider:

  • Harrier (A Hound Class Breed)
  • English Foxhound (Dog from a Hunting Breed)
  • Whippet (A Sighthound Breed)
  • Australian Kelpie (An American Sheep-Dog)
  • Boxer (From the Bullenbeisser Breeds)

Benefits of Owning a Short Coat Dog Breed

The breeds of short haired dogs can render benefits that you can’t even imagine. Not only is their maintenance easy, but you can also keep your pup with you everywhere you go. Short coats mean you won’t have to leave your pup behind every time you visit your friend’s just because they can’t stand the shedding of your dog.

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Here, we have enlisted a few of those pros for you that you can get by owning a short haired dog.

1. No More Messy Surroundings

A dog with a short coat means less hair in your living room, kitchen, bed, EVERYWHERE. Even if your dog sheds seasonally, the short hair will be easy to clean or vacuum. So, your cute paw friend with short hair will not be only easy to maintain but easy to keep around too. Thus, you won’t have to clean up your messy apartment after coming back from a long tiring day.

2. Low Grooming Needs & Coat Maintenance

As the short coats are easier to maintain, therefore, you don’t need to take your pup every other week to salons. Long haired dogs usually require high maintenance if you want to keep your pooch nice and clean all the time. But that’s not the case with short ones because their coats are easy to brush and wash at home.

3. No Cleaning Needed After Every Walk

If your pup has a short coat, mud or dust is less likely to get stuck on his fur during walks. This means you won’t have to spend hours cleaning his fur, body, and hair after you come back from an outing. A quick brush or run over a towel will usually do the trick. And even if the adventure in mud or ponds during the warmer months, they are quick to dry. Not to mention their hair won’t get matted or transport debris in it back into your home.

4. It’s Easy to Give Baths

The dogs with long coats require a lot of shampoo, cleaning, and brushing during their every bath. And they need these baths a lot more often as well. If you don’t do it, they’ll end up being messy and have a coat full of dust and dirt particles. For short hair dog breeds, you only need to give them a bath every couple of months or after particularly muddy walks.

Best Medium Short Haired Dogs That Don’t Shed

If you’re convinced of the benefits of having a no-shed dog, you’re probably also aware that the smaller the dog, the smaller the hair. That’s why we compiled a list of the best medium dog breeds that don’t shed much, starting with:

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Staffies are one of the best friendly-natured medium short haired dogs that don’t shed. Besides their infectious smile and quirky personality, they are incredibly easy to maintain clean and have very short hair, with no undercoats and minimal shedding throughout the year.

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As long as they have a good diet, they maintain a shiny healthy coat, being very low maintenance in the grooming departament. (We can’t say the same for cuddles though!) 


Basenjis are also known to keep themselves and their surroundings spotless. So, if you’re looking for a dog from short haired medium sized dog breeds that don’t shed much and make a loyal and playful pet, Basenji might be the one for you.


Salukis have always been good companions with their owners. If you are looking for a sleek body, affectionate and loving dog, Saluki is going to rock your world. The plus point here is he does not shed a lot. So, why not have a quiet and loving dog with pristine vibes?

Peruvian Inca Orchids

Peruvian Inca Orchids are rare and hairless dogs. But not all of them are always hairless. Some of these take birth with full coats that don’t shed. Even if they have coats, their coats are thin and not very hairy. Which is the primary reason why they’re not going to make your homes hairy this season!

Kerry Blue Terriers

These dogs have a great temperament and are great for various jobs too. If you have a Kerry Blue Terrier, it might need brushing a few times per week to avoid the hair getting matted and a trip a couple of times per year. Otherwise, these cute pups are great medium sized dogs that help you keep your home clean instead of making it messier.

Large Dog Breeds with Short Coats That Don’t Shed

Just because you want a dog that doesn’t leave a lot of hair, that doesn’t mean you need to pick a small sized breed. There are plenty large dogs that leave little hair behind, and here are a few of our favorite breeds:

Standard Poodles

Poodles have multiple categories based on sizes and coats. But standard poodles are the ones that you must get your hands upon if you are looking for a large breed dog that does not shed a lot. The short coats of standard poodles make them able to withstand the seasonal changes without spreading their hair all-around your home.

Standard Labradoodles

Labradoodle is a hybrid dog with a short coat. This large breed dog is well-known for keeping its hair to itself all the time. This means all you need to do with them is to keep them and their coats clean. If you do that, you will not have to wander all-around your house picking up the fallen hair.


Azawakh is a large breed dog with a short fine coat. They make super cute puppies and are super independent and loyal. Plus, other than being helpful, they are also elegant and durable at the same time. Plus, the fact that Azawakhs do not shed a lot is something that would totally make you get this one right now!

Irish Water Spaniel

These dogs are somewhere in between medium and large breeds and make super-cool pets. They neither shed a lot nor do they have very long coats. But you must take care of an Irish Water Spaniel properly as they do have dense coats. This means dirt can get stuck in it easily, and it may get dirty sooner than later.

Conclusion: The Best Short Haired Dogs with Low Grooming Needs

When looking for a dog to bring into your life, it’s important to consider their grooming needs and hair styles and how that’s going to impact your life and living situation. After all, all dog breeds are different and need to be groomed and kept differently, too. 

While many of the dog breeds we shared have short coats and don’t shed virtually at all, some of them have longer hair that will need regular grooming, brushing or even yearly haircuts to maintain. (For example the poodles and labradoodles.)

We advise you to take a deep dive into the breeds that you are interested in to find out more about their realistic needs for these short haired dog breeds, but we hope this gave you a headstart in the right direction. 

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