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Best Harnesses For French Bulldogs: Top Rated Frenchie No-pull Harnesses Reviewed

Best Harnesses For French Bulldogs That Pull: Best Rated Amazon Dog Harnesses For Bulldogs

Who doesn’t love a Frenchie? They’re smart, loving, and playful, qualities that have quickly made them one of the most popular small dog breeds in the world. Even their snoring is cute most of the time.

Frenchies don’t require a lot of exercise, and they are quite happy with sitting by your side all day long. Still, you have to walk them every day, and picking the right harness or collar is just as important as choosing the food or toys.

As a Frenchie owner, you’ve probably asked yourself several times if you should buy a collar or a harness. Each comes with its advantages and disadvantages so picking the right one depends strictly on your dog. How well does he behave on walks?

Does he pull a lot? Does he try to free himself? How stylish should he be? Keep reading to find out which are the best dog harness choices for your Frenchie. 

Best Anti-Pull Harnesses For French Bulldogs


- True to size fit
- Comfortable padded feel
- Sturdy clasp

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- No pull & no choking design
- Durable material
- Easy to put on

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- Reflective harness
- Supports injured dogs
- Offers good control

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- Stunning pattern options
- Perfect for french bulldogs
- Adjustable chest straps

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Should French Bulldogs Wear Collars or Harnesses?

The answer to this question is somewhat surprising. Dog trainers recommend that you have both in your arsenal and use them accordingly. 

First, let’s start with the collar. You should use them only if your dog is well trained and doesn’t pull. If he does, the collar can put his life in danger because it can damage his thyroid and trachea. This is even more dangerous for dog breeds who have brachycephalic, the French Bulldog being amongst them.

The collar is best used when your Frenchie is still a puppy because it’s not as uncomfortable as a harness. It is also great for holding a dog tag.

Collar For Frenchies Pros:

  • More comfortable for longer walks
  • Easy to put on or take off

Collar For Frenchies Cons:

  • Your Frenchie can slip out
  • Can damage thyroid and trachea
  • Collar can get caught and your dog can suffocate

On the other hand, harnesses are great for when you have a dog that pulls on the leash all the time. It prevents them from choking and it also gives you better control over him. This is why a harness is also great to use when you first train your puppy, before making the switch to a collar. 

Harness For French Bulldogs Pros:

  • Your dog won’t choke when pulling
  • Better control
  • Reduced risk of neck injury 

Harness For French Bulldogs Cons:

  • Becomes uncomfortable during long walks
  • Can cause tracheal issues if it has a front clip

When it comes to French Bulldogs, the harness is usually the best way to go. It’s less dangerous, allows for more mobility, and, to be honest, harnesses are way more stylish than collars. So now that you know which of the two is best suited for your Frenchie, here are the best harnesses for French Bulldogs you can buy right now.

Best Harnesses For French Bulldog with Reviews

Best Harnesses for French Bulldog Puppy

Like we mentioned earlier, as a puppy, your Frenchie should start with a harness, which is better for training him. The Voyager Step-in Air dog harness is the best dog harness for your French bulldog puppy. Many French Bulldog owners love it; just check out all the reviews from people who purchased it. The advantage is its quality and overall usefulness. 

Key Features 

  • Compatible with all weather conditions 
  • Easy-to-wear harness
  • Triple system safety build
  • Compatible with a puppy’s skin

First of all, the Voyager French bulldog harness is perfect for all kinds of weather conditions because of its breathable air mesh. This puppy harness also has reflective bands making it usable at night or dawn. 

The harness material does not cause reactions or irritations on your Frenchie; it is comfortable to the fur and easy to slip on.All in all, this is probably th best harness for a French Bulldog puppy.

Amazon review from a Frenchie owner: Ordered 1 for a 24 lb french bulldog size XL and another for an 18 lb pug size L. Both work fantastic and I’ve noticed no ability to slip out or back out on either dog. The L fits a bit more snug – like perfectly- on the pug but is still very comfortable- he doesn’t seem to even notice it’s on. He still pulls a lot as we continue to train him and it is definitely holding up.

Most Stylish Harness for French Bulldog Puppies

The Pupteck soft mesh puppy harness is another excellent pick when it comes to harnesses for French Bulldog puppies. This dog harness is very comfortable and easy to walk in, as well as stylish. 

Key Features:

  • Soft polyester mesh for extra comfort 
  • Buckle safety mechanism
  • Fashionable build

The PUPTECK harness is an excellent choice if you are looking for extra comfort for your Frenchie. It is also ideal if you want to take yours on a very long walk. The only disadvantage of this harness is that you can’t adjust the neck size, so your puppy will outgrow it pretty fast. 

Amazon review from a Frenchie owner: “Great quality for a harness at this price. When I was looking at reviews I couldn’t find anything on sizing for breeds. I have a 24 lb French Bulldog and ordered the large. If I could have a re-do, I would have ordered a Medium because the soft part of the harness with the pattern is not adjustable like the part that goes on the body so it’s really loose. But it works anyways and I’ll just grab the medium after this one runs its course.

Best Dog Harness for French Bulldog Adult

This is by far the best dog harness for a grown up French Bulldog. It is strong enough to withstand even the most stubborn pullers. In fact, this harness also has a front clip for attaching the leash, but this is not recommended for French Bulldogs as it can cause tracheal issues.

Key Features :

  • Padded Air mesh for adequate and comfortable breathing 
  • Sturdy harness material and top handle 
  • Reflective mesh material

l The Rabbitgoo is a completely adjustable harness, so you can even buy it even before your Frenchie becomes an adult when he is 7-8 months old as he will be just a couple of inches from his maximum size.

This harness is easy to put on or take off, thanks to its two fast-release buckles. All you have to do is slide it over your Frenchie’s head, buckle it up, and finally adjust the straps.

All in all, this is the best harness that you can purchase right now. And among the cheapest as well. 

Amazon review from a Frenchie owner:” I have a French Bulldog that has severe disc problems in her neck and she cannot wear a collar. This seems the take any pressure off her neck and back. I also like the fact it has the ring on top and a ring at the chest to hook your leash up to. Update: the first one was such a success that I ordered two more for my other frenchies! Easy to put on and take off.

Best Harness for French Bulldog that Pulls

The PoyPet No Pull harness is the best product you can buy for a French bulldog that pulls. It is specifically designed to teach your dog not to pull without endangering his health. While it does have a front clip, the harness is specifically designed to distribute the pulling pressure to the entire body evenly. Thus, you can safely teach your dog to stop pulling.

Key Features :

  • Front Clip mechanism for No-Pull
  • Back and side leash attachment for No-Pull enhancement 
  • Reflective mesh material for enhanced eyesight
  • Easy fit

The PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness is made out of heavy-duty but breathable material to not cause irritation. Lastly, it can be easily put on or taken off thanks to its four buckle system. 

Amazon review from a pleased dog owner: We have a very dominant alpha dog who tends to pull when walking. This harness is so easy to put on and is strong. It also clips to our doggy seatbelt in the car. We’ve had other harnesses like this one, but I prefer it over the others. It looks nice too.

Best French Bulldog Reversible Harness

Do you know what the latest fashion is when it comes to Frenchie harnesses? If you want your Frenchie to be the envy of your dog park, you have to buy him a reversible dog harness. Right now, Lucy & Co. has the best designs you can find on the market. Their reversible harnesses are made out of high-quality materials that are both breathable and lightweight.

Key Features :

  • Multiple sizes to fit an adult and puppy French Bulldogs 
  • Long lasting and sturdy build
  • Adjustable chest straps 

The Lucy & Co. products are both adjustable and easy to fit so if you are looking for a French Bulldog reversible harness this is the one to buy. And if you get tired of one design, all you have to do is take it off and reverse it instead of buying a new harness. All in all, these are great if you want your Frenchie to be the most stylish dog on the street. And you can even wear matching outfits.  

Amazon review from a Frenchie owner:”I bought a size large for my 1 year old French Bulldog. He’s around 23 lbs. Fits him good looks nice, was between buying this and the “frenchie” reversible harness in the end i went with this one since i thought this print was cute! Overall happy with this harness hopefully it will last!”

What Size Of Harness Should You Get For A Full-Grown Frenchie?

Generally, full-grown French bulldogs are about 11 to 12 inches in height. Males weigh about 20 to 28 lbs while their female counterparts weigh an average of 16 to 24 lbs. If you are then in the market for a standard harness for your Frenchie, you should have it in mind that a full-grown Frenchie would require a standard, medium-sized harness. 

It is also highly recommended that you measure your Frenchie before getting it a harness. You should measure the body by wrapping your measuring tape around his armpits and back. You should also measure the neck. All of these will help you get a good harness for your Frenchie. If you want more information on the sizing of harnesses for French bulldogs, you can visit the American Kennel Club website.

Conclusion: Frenchie Bulldog Harnesses For Puppies & Adults

Investing in a good harness for your Frenchie is really important. It is as important as picking the right food or the right toys. A good harness will allow him to walk every day without constraints or the risk of developing any skin rashes, and make your adventures out and about more enjoyable as well.  

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Best Harnesses For French Bulldogs To Buy Off Amazon With Reviews 

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